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  • hi sorry i just around to checking my page late i know. thank you im bout to change the icon again ....still trying to mess with ps..hopefully i figure it out and post a hot one for all the Umm lovers out there!!
    Noo Pen Kon Thai Ja Pi Jaaaaaa......I downloaded successfully the album of Kittikhoon. Very nice. Khobkhoon Pi Mak Mak. Bye-bye, Joop Joop.
    ur a fan of Surapol Sombatcharoen too hot. i came to know of the guy thru my mother's singing... good taste u got in musica. n of course, there's nothing like carabao when it comes to the contemporary hits of our times. :D
    umm can i ask what is going on with ur pic's?? i sat there starring @ ur pic's and said wth.... now i have the courage to come to ur page and ask what's going
    thnx for the up. what are those things ur probing at? are they alive?! r those the pandas that dede speak of??? whoah! mini pandas very cute.
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