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    ❤️[CH7] Hua Jai Look Poochai (Media Studio): Now Tisanart / Kem Hussawee

    I'm up to date with the episodes, and this is probably the only other lakorn I'm up to date with :) It was kind of slow in the beginning, but after episode 4, I feel like everything is starting to pick up since he finds out about n'ek's dad being Bancha, the one who killed his father. Now is...
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    [GMM25] Lakorn Khon : Kao Jirayu / Natt Aniporn / Dao Pimthong

    After watching ep.1 of this..I realized how similar Kao & Tao look! I've never scene Kao act arrogant or like a jerk, this is the first time! Idk..I feel like this lakorn just focuses too much on other characters like Siwa's mom, etc. erghhh, but I might go back & watch the other eps :)
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    ❤[CH7] Maya (Polyplus) : Kwan usamanee / Pae arak

    I think i'm gna give up on this too since the main guy doesn't really give a crap about the n'ek & is just being a jerk? plus..this lakorn is too depressing to watch, omg :/
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    [CH3] Cupids Series Part 6 : Kammathep Sorn Kol (Broadcast Thai Television) Nychaa & Tono

    Yeah, Sarun's friend is a freaking psycho! Can't believe he pushed Saran's dad off the stairs. & I can't believe this part of the series is almost over already...I need more NychaaTono...I do agree that everytime I see Tono..he gets more handsome, omg :love:
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    Yes, my avatar is from Fai Ruk Game Rorn! Sorry, I haven't been on A-Fuse much so that's why I...

    Yes, my avatar is from Fai Ruk Game Rorn! Sorry, I haven't been on A-Fuse much so that's why I haven't replied! So sorry. I think SJDK Fansub started on this project, but never finished it.
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    VILLNAN simple Artworks

    You really do an amazing job at cutting them, I loooove it!
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    ~aiko's simple work~

    Yes, come back Julie. I miss your beautiful work. You're so talented!
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    [Ch7] Koo Wun Lun Pan Ruk (Prakotkarndee)

    Wth, lol. Thaiflix, haha - pls give me the link too. 555
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    [Ch3] Padiwarada (Good Feeling)

    Yayyyyyyy, tomorrow we get ep. 7. I'm already fangirling thinking about it!
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    [Ch7] Koo Wun Lun Pan Ruk (Prakotkarndee)

    If you guys want the link to watch this, please PM me. I don't want to post it here in case ch7 is lurking on this forum. But, omg... First 10 minutes, Sila already meets 'Angie.' Hehe. So glad to have Win back. & im totally shipping Bank + Kwan
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    NdA's Artworks

    Good job! The cutting is so precise, love the stock/effects you used as well!
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    [Ch3] Gum Lai Mat (Broadcast)

    The other OST is out! & I do have to admit that I love Jui's look in here. Janie's short hair makes her look much older... Anyway, can't wait to see this, I still can't believe it's airing so soon. I'm excited to see how much Toey has improved! & why am I shipping Toey & Jui already...
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    [Ch3] Gum Lai Mat (Broadcast)

    OMFG. Yayyy, airing tomorrow. I miss Toey on-screen so much, my BIASSSS. Too bad I don't think I'll be updated with latest episodes, I'll def. catch up though!  This needs to be pinned since it's gna air already tomorrow. Here's the OST:
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    [Ch3] Padiwarada (Good Feeling)

    WAHHHH, this thread is moving sooooo fast that I can't catch up! hehe. Too bad I can't catch up as fast as everyone is else on the episodes... but at least I have just a littttlle time to read these spoilers. I'm so glad that everyone is having positive thoughts towards JJ - trust me, I had...
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    [Ch7] Atitha (JSJ Global Media)

    Just finished ep.1! & like @Ncmeowmeow35, I really tried hard not to compare this with Bang Rajun. I do have to agree though, that the setting is more realistic for the fighting scenes. & I think the fighting scenes are probably more realistic because of the blood splattering - I just wish they...