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    Bellefire Artwork

    thanks so much for the link, nikki! :D I've watched all of the episodes again from the beginning LOL It's been a while since I've been soooo addicted to a PHR drama again! anyways, I already know the title of the novel, it's Isla Sanctuario by Dawn Igloria. I've read the synopsis and it seems...
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    my best friend, me and her bf

    Hi! It's my first time posting in this section :D Throughout my college life, I have this small circle of friends that I always hang out with. I consider them as my college best friends LOL So one of my best friends started dating this guy when we were in our junior year (that was in 2010) in...
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    What are you thinking right now?

    med school requirements...argh
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    yup :D romance novels?
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    Bellefire Artwork

    LOL I'm planning on looking for the pocketbook tomorrow. I hope I get to read it soon :) I'm guessing that Yani would get pregnant with Brenan's child hahaha wild guess lang pero since in the beginning Jewel (forgot her name in the show lol) and Brenan are trying to conceive and it seems like...
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    Bellefire Artwork

    PAULO AVELINO!! :wub: :wub: he's the only reason why I was hooked to Walang Hanggan before LOL nikki, I'm just wondering, do you watch Paraiso in the afternoon? :D do you know who is the author of that pocketbook? I've been searching all over the net for hours but I couldn't find out who's the...
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    Cupid's Mistress-One Shot-Myth #2

    what a very interesting pairing, Helen and Eros :D The story is really good. She had loved him even though he haven't seen him yet. Reading these myths one shots makes me want to make one too LOL
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    Myth - One shot . complete

    I just love your oneshot :D if Hades really does look like Nadech then I'd let him kidnap me, bring me down to the underworld and live there forever with him LOL
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    Poseidon's Lover

    thanks for reading, ladies :D glad it wasn't too cheesy for all of you LOL anyways, I honestly don't know how will the story go hahaha I'll be brainstorming later and I'd probably post the new chapter in a few days :)
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    Poseidon's Lover

    Chapter 4 Nadech squinted as rays of sunshine were coming to his view. For a while, his eyes adjusted until he could already see the pier from afar. He took a deep breath and tried to brush off all the erotic things on his mind before he went back to the room where his new wife is...
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    Poseidon's Lover

    Hi everyone! :D I'm sorry for not posting a new chapter lately. Writer's block I guess LOL anyways, I'm currently typing the first part of chapter 4 and at the same time, am brainstorming as well. I'll try to post chapter 4 as soon as I finish it :D
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    Poseidon's Lover

    thanks for posting the pics, Katelyn :D I've been busy with school lately so I wasn't able to update. I'll try my best to come up with a chapter this weekend :)
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    Poseidon's Lover

    it is surely a promise :D more romantic willing scenes up ahead. I might even add a baby :rolleyes: he would surely forget that he's a playboy because of Yaya :wub:
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    Poseidon's Lover

    that "honey" would make Nadech really jealous LOL