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  • hey Kenny.... i'm doing good and i'm very sorry to have gone mia on you...... i work so much now that its hard to find time to come online and stuff..... i rarely watch lakorns now and that's sad cause i use to be a lakorn freak!! maybe i'm just waiting for Ann Thongprasom's next work since she's my favorite actress :) anywayssss how are youuuuu doing?? sabaideebau???
    Howdy...hehe.... the only lakorn i'm trying to stay tune into is Namit Marn.... it's alrighty..... i havent had time and even if i do have time i'm never home cause i'm always out trying to be productive :) what about you?? what lakorns have you been into?? j/w
    thought i stop by to say hey since i'm on tonight to watch lakorns lol....... how are you doing btw??
    hey hey..... i've been doing alrighty :) and what about you mrKenny?? anything new happpening?? what? sexy? where?? haha jkjk..... yeah i know i've been mia for awhile now..... i dont live with my family family....... i work almost everyday majority of the time so i dont have time to come on SW as before... but update me some man...... ttyl, Lek :)
    lol hey... i'm doing good.. just bumming around as usual... really i needa life outside of this planet....hahhaha jkjk weird huh... so update me some, what lakorns have u been watching?? ttyl, Lekie
    lmfao gayerest?? omg is that even a word?? lol u crack me up boy... anyways i'm doing good.. just trying to enjoy my Saturday and home being a bum as usual.... what about u? being productive any today??
    and why did ur change ur username to xxfluffyxxx Kenny?? anyways i just wanted to ask if u have any info on the group or singer name Otto?? i am intresting in them as in their music too....
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