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    Smooth Operator (CH 44 : END)

    Thanks for the update Noy! Mr. Smooth Operator, roses & a "I'm sorry" won't work. But that's a good start. There needs to be more than that. Aw...I was hoping Nedech would use his connections to locate Yaya. But, I'm sure u have something good & juicy plan. :D
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    Smooth Operator (CH 44 : END)

    @Noy & chubbycheeks, thanks for the warm welcome. Can't wait until the next chapter! :D I enjoy reading everyone else's reply too. Some of them r just too hilarious.
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    Smooth Operator (CH 44 : END)

    Hey Noy! I've been a silent reader & finally coming out of my shell. :D this ff is addictive! Lol. Anyways, I'm excited to see the new & stronger Yaya! I was listening to Kelly Clarkson's What Kills You (stronger) & thought of Yaya. Lol.
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    Hmong Songs about Family

    the first thing came to my mind was proto j's tsev neeg. then the only ones i know are the usual "love your parents" songs. among my favorites is whyteshadow's khoom plig zoo. then for sibling relationships, i really like somchay yaj's Nkauj Muam Nraug Nus and ashley thao's lug txaj nkaujmuam...
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    how to makes hmong clothes

    I don't know how either but I really want to learn also! So...what do I do? Of course google and youtube it. Lol! So I came across these youtube clips. I think it's a good start. She shows how to do the shirt. In this clip, she shows...
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    who did Xa Thoj married?????

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    Miss Hmong California 2011 Contestants!

    From what I know, she ran in Miss California for 2008-2009 and didn't place anything. Then, she was in Miss International for 2009-2010, and got 2nd place. She's trying out for Miss California again this year.
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    Namtan Mai(Tv Scene)

    i agree w/ u too, neena! make room for me...
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    so for this paper assignment... is that all the requirement? are you supposed to present both side of an argument? if so, the only thing comes to my mind right now is bilingual education. hopefully, it's something you could relate to... good luck finding a topic
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    hnub qub

    ohhh...hell no!!!...PLEASE, IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO WEAR THE HMONG GREEN CLOTH, THEN DON'T EVEN TRY!!!...that is NOT how you wear're not supposed to have the white part of the skirt showing...and please, i think you guys got the wrong sizes or something, because it's supposed to go...
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    she "models"

    i think paj zaub khab only does it to represent the studio...i believe it's call Alex Xiong Studio or something like that bc in Maiv Xyooj new mv...Alex Studio had an advertisement in there and it did show pics of Maiv and Paj Zaub... and as for Maiv's mom...i don't think that's her mom, not...
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    New RnB/Pop Singer - Jade Lee

    dang...i'm impressed
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    Anyone listens to Hmong kwv txhiaj?

    OMG!!...i'm so addicted to her lug's so good...especally the 3rd track, "Nkaujmuam Hab Nraugnug"...althought it's like almost 15 min, it's really good, it never occur to me about what she said until i heard it the first time, i was really amazed...i never thought it that way...
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    Maiv Muas

    ohhhh...ok...i know who u r talking about now...sorry i got the wrong person earlier...but Maiv Muas' songs r ok...can't really say bc i was like in kindergarten when she first came out w/ her dad was a fan of hers...we USED to have some of her tape, but it's missing...i guess i...
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    a Dude sing Tub yaj song!!!!

    yep...i think it's his really vioce...bc i'm sure tub yang's voice does not sound like that...hehehe...