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  • You're right, i just posted two photos from the last two episodes and i'm feeling so sad. I don't want it to end yet. I feel like this lakorn hasn't gotten the spotlight that it deserved, but i'm glad we've gotten to love it so much. I'd totally love to have a viewing party! I understand you're in Socal? The live broadcast air time for CA is 5:30AM. I'm crazy, i've stayed up once to watch it.xD
    I miss you all too. I'm soooo busy now that i'm back home for the winter/holiday break. I'm watching my little nephew all day and i don't get to catch up with Bor and Kaew until the night time. Then i'm too sleepy to post here. =( But i will try my best!!! <3
    Looksy, thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement! I'm so surprised at myself for having kept away from ep24 until AFTER my exams. However, i realized i had so many other things to do before i could get to it. Finally, i am going to watch it now!! <3 Thanks to your prayers, i didn't do so bad on my finals! =D
    That's too nice of you to say. I really enjoy PNGRT, even though things can get lost in translation most of the time. But i love reading everyone's insights! I hope we can all spread the Bor + Kaew / Pong + Aom love.*^^*
    Hi looksy! Let me know if you need additional help with uploading pictures for the board/signature!^^
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