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    [KBS2] Healer 힐러

    i miss this drama.. one of my favorite
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    Club Friday The Series 5

    i want so watch rotmay and tor
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    [Ch8] Waen Tong Leung

    hopefully someone sub this... glad pinky back on screen
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    [Ch3] Piang Chai Kon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wised, Kimmy Kimberley/James Ma, Pop Thagoon/Eye Kamolned

    i cant wait for the fitting im getting to excited
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    [Ch7] Lilawaadee Plerng ( Prakotdarkradee)

    i really like tubtim and thanwa they are cute together. glad they get to be leading actor and actress
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    [Ch7] Jao Nang (Kantana)

    im glad tubtim getting more leading role
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    [OneHD] Ngao Jai (Exact - Scenario)

    i cant wait to watch this lakorn, love toomtam he soo hot!!! i like everything about him. his smile his anger, his jealousy on screen, make me squeal. toomtam and vill are cute together. couldnt get enough of them together in their last drama
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    Liu Shi Shi

    yea i love her too, after watching bu bu jing xin i became her fan.   waiting on her new drama.... imperial doctress with wallace new movie... brotherhood of blades   and still waiting on da mo yao, that drama taking forever to air... they keep changing the date and it making me impatient, i...
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    Liu Shi Shi

    she one of my favorite actress. love liu shi shi
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    [Mainland] Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei (Shenzhen TV)

    i like this drama but i just wish wallace and liu shi shi has more love scene but it has more of wallace and his wife even when she already dead
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    Best/Most Favorite Chinese Series

    all the 80's and the 90's ancient series are the best.... for the 2000... i love... bu bu jing xin   i like... Strange Hero of Yi Zhi Me   lan ling wang qing shi huang fei butterfly lovers 2007 (peter ho)     im waiting on da mo yao to air.... my fave actress liu shi shi and my two hottie eddie...
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    [Mainland] Ballad of the Desert   credit to uploader: xSimonSteelex
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    Is anyone still want to watch "Tard Ruk Torranong"

    i want to watch this drama but cant find it in full drama with english subbing
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    [Mainland] Ballad of the Desert

    when is this going to air? been waiting for this to release
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    [Mainland] Bu Bu Jing Xin 步步惊心 (HunanTV)

    after watching bbjx i became a fan of liu shi shi. this drama is good and sad toward the end.  even though i like 4th prince, i was hoping 14th prince would end up with liu shi shi (forgot how to spell her character named). and has romantic scene together but no it didnt happen. i would love to...