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  • Why what's wrong with Vietnamese? You hate your own kind? No worries I am done with those viet boys seriously! Especially you P'Kev lol. Jason is Marduk's little cute brother. I posted his adorable pic on my blog.
    oh yea p'kev i forgot to ask have u met my new boyfriend Jason? He's a pretty sexy one too. His smile is soooooooo seductive hahahahhaah.
    So you saying I'm a lesbian? K i accept that haha. Why don't u talk to him yourself? you both can talk in your fast viet language. Maybe if you're lucky enough you can make him your next boyfriend you skanky homo lol.
    haha Oh Kevin, it must be a very long time since we've last spoken to each other because I am no longer an admin at the financial firm! i'm interning at a law firm now and working at a semiconducting company as an Global Sales Manager. wow we have some catching yp to do :p anyways hope you're being good mister :p
    shuddauppppp!! ur so not cool.... never was and never will be as cool as me.. Lekie_lucious :p PEACE!!!
    hey kevin. just wanted to say hi, i havent spoken with you in a long time. anyways, i hope you're doing well :)
    Hey, I gave STIMA a wedgie lol I made her eat her veggies afterwards too!!!...so...where were you to help her? Miss you!!
    Hey mizterkevin. So who am I ?? I'm the new guy who drinks alot of green tea and some of your soybean drink u got there. LOL
    Just to let you know, STIMA has a reputation as a backstabber (and a whore).
    --Source: Lee Soo Man, Brook, & Kob
    the ninja is a big step O_O i'm thinkin we shld kidnap him? you go first ! i'll be your back up.
    i'm not sure...but i know its red and like 4 feet tall. o_o you can have it and i'll take the shoes .?
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