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  • Wow, I was the last to say happy birthday a few years back lol. Happy birthday if you ever return :)
    Haha you know you love our accents :D Two of my cali friends came to visit me in NC. They loved it and said everyone was so nice *proud* lol but the accent was hard for them to catch on.
    Hey Mardie! :D Welcome back for a visit! My new SN is just an inside joke muahaha but I like it...seems like people are a bit scared to quote my name around the forum. Feels like I have power lol kidding. :) I am doing SUPER awesome and I hope the same with you too!
    I was strolling the mall yesterday and passed this really cute monkey and reminded me of you. I think I might go back and get it ^_^ How are you <3
    it's so unmardikulous, you've been busy..hope everything is well. take care of that health of yours.
    hahha, u still got ur wannabe gangster foto up. maan, i'll have to get chu a new foto when ur back in SD foo.
    that's right, it's ur birthday foo...dude i totally forgot.yeah, the dead sea scrolls was pretty good exhibit. it's just trippy to see something like that survived for thaaat long.
    merry christmas... and hope i'm not late to wish you a happy birthday!!!( avec un an de plus , tu deviens de plus en plus vieux!!)Bonne continuation dans ta vie! bisoux!
    btw, u left ur credit card number in the message as well, all i need is the expiration date on it, lemme know yeah...
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