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  • Nothing is hurt more than the One get birth for u say bad word about u behind. No tear not mean Im not sad. This is not ur first time and don't u think I know about this
    Why when I login with computer there alway say incorrest password oe email? What happen
    reset your password.
    Is today is the last day of sleep over with sup'tar or not? Why at the end they didn't show who next they just show the new talk show. I didn't watch the full just see who will be the next one but they didn't show.
    Omg bow I get up on ch7 copyright. No matter how hard I name the lakorn on YouTube tney would alway find me and delecte lakorn or BTS... Good bye 
    Anyone know what happen to perd kong wig 3, why last week and this week this show didn't air? Dont tell me that they open the new one and they already close this one
    Omg feel so happy when Mai davika reply back for me. I can't believe she will reply back,and yes I know she alway like and comment on the pic when I tag at her,but this time she used @ for me on her on pic
    Lucky! Grrrr!
    Cupid Candy
    Cupid Candy
    Mai is so nice to her fans, she's always giving shout outs to them. Your so lucky!
    Mai is pretty much the only actress who takes the time to interact with her fans. If she's online at the time and she's notified, she wont hesitate to respond back in some way.
    Omg I'm so upset with dootv. They alway change it and every time they change it make so confuse,feel like everything is hard to find
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