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  • thank god i have u marc, imagine all the nastee creepy crawlers that would attack me, if it weren't for ur graceful rescue ;)
    hey marc!!! thanks for missing me! i miss u too =oD but soon i'll be back hehe. just about 2 more months =oP
    namie, things will be fine with ma, i'm sure ur ma's a strong womyn, she'll hang thru it all :)
    tell me about it...these skanky boys on sw. ur the biggest exception of course namie ;) u always be the keeper of my heart.
    no can do namie.. u can't eat me, only my lover can....haha jk jk anyways how are u doing my dear?? me misses u!!!!!
    wow, if i put this comment on, it'll kic kev off the radar. so here i am spamming. HIIIIIII NAMMMMIE! :D
    Hey foo, I found one of the butts on sw. how come no one ever told me...or maybe no one knew <_< haha hi lover! i miss you!
    Hi there, I'm still here. You can find me mostly on msn though haha. I miss having our convos, but I'll deny ever saying it. Where have I been? What do you mean? Where have YOU been?
    u rock beautiful womyn! love ur quotes, love ur thoughts, love the mystery behind u. take me to canada someday :D
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