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  • B0NG!! kid teung meung wa! tum arai a?!? huh?!? anywaize! ahh! ii luff u! buddy! 555+ i`m so happy! p`music rating ting went up! dee jai mak wa! heeh!
    i see..i see..lol..ooh! happy late easter day to u 2!! lol omg..did chu knoe i forgot it was easter day..lol 555+ ^__^..ahh!! gae! kid teung gae jung!! lol..i was gonna go online last nite and stuff and chit chat wit chu..but i fell asleep..lol..cause i was tired my dumb nephew..haddah dance dance w/ him..he cant even dance ahh lol..yep yep..:] dude i love music
    555+ lol..ur personal photo thing is cool too! just like u too!!hehe..dude..mandy...i dont see u on myspace much..ahh!! r u addicted to SW? lol ^_^
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