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  • NONG PEE!!!! Happy Late Bday to you toooo my dear :) i miss you too and wish the best this year for you too.... keep in touch alrighty... ruk nah, Joob Joob :)
    aww pee... where have you've been?? omg i can't believe how big you've gotten... i miss you dearly.... i do hope to see you one day... still living in france?? i'mma visit for sure cause my family is there... i still have your post card, i just need a new addy that's it.... ttyl and miss you.... p'LEK
    Happy Birthday Pee, i hope all your dreams are within your reach and the sun we all share is more yours today on your birthday, happy Birthday Pee, if it were mine i'd give you the sun to shine on all your dreams today:):):):):)
    what do you want for your bday darlin'? you're a year older but don't let them boys get close. they're dangerous.
    ---Happy Birthday N'Pee,,,may the music never stop playing in your heart and the sunshine always warm you with real friends that care about you on all the days of the year... Happy memories will always find a good heart,,, Happy Birthday N'Pee...:)
    Sook Sun Wun Kerd jah Nong'Pee!! i miss u and i iwish u nothing but the best of luck!! take cares and hope to talk to u soon k... love p'lek
    happy bday!!! it's august 10th there! i hope u have a blastful bday. happiness and everything u wish for! =oD
    hi darlin' -- remember to keep your belly full. always thinkin' about you when i eat.
    from your daddy. {^_^}
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