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  • I finally check my messages! I miss you! We will spam GRGR thread, na? How are you, Raiya! I hope you are well these days. I have been sooo busy. I love it though! Talk to you really soon, na ja...
    Hey, BABE! Just got your message. How are you? Well, I hope. I am doing great! My YADECH fever is still high. I am stoked for their new one, "Game Rai Game Ruk" coming up for October. Please keep making your beautiful graphic art, na. Miss you...XOXOXO
    I'm all good, hon. Busy as usual. Come hang out like the good 'ol days.
    Hey, babe! YADECH has brought us all out of hiding. :) Pong/Noon are hot together.
    ahahah. thanks for the comment. i still love you all for being so cheerful at the end of the day !!! **sisters hug !!!
    Hi love! How are you doing? Long time no talk. I miss you tons. What have you been up to girl. Sorry I missed your call Monday night. Girl I was so tired I fell asleep around noon. hahaha didnt wake up until this morning. (Tuesday morning) Ok girl come back soon cause I sure do miss you!
    raiya.....rr here...miss you lots....i hope you are doing well...sending you love, hugs, and kisses...well just wanted to HI! have a wonderful day....
    that's it. i was not part of the friend network --- off to cry --- so much for sister love .. LOL .. kidding .. just spying on you :p
    blue you so late fool! vansanee stayed on so late! woo whooo...
    thanks for listening to my complaints! you wanted juicy so I gave you a little more! lmao
    peace out fool!
    -Killa! lmao
    LMAO I know it sure is an addiction. I had to read the whole thread. Gosh I didnt last..It was way too long so I stoped. LMAO I figured all the good stuff is out already. Hows the update comign along. Off to update pictory! lol
    LMAO Uh-huh....I see your post waaaayy after you logged off of MSN! LMAO...
    How was your day dear? Any tough kids to deal with today? LMAO I'll beat them down for you! lol jk jk
    RAIYA! my darling i miss you soo much!! haha i posted my video LMAO! hahahahhahhaha i can't wait for you to get back!! you get bak today rite? are you gona be on tonite? i am!! hahahha can't wait to talk to you my darling! i love you! <3 hugs and kisses!
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