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  • Yo, So babe! How have you been? Good I hope! I hope to chit chat with you soon!
    raymond. the gallery is up. if you still want to upload, let mek know
    My site is finally back up. Still have to add finishing touch thought. But feel free to stop by and leave a comment in my guestbook. if you want to contribute, just leave a message. :) elusiveflames.com
    I love what you wrote on your stats. LOL. It's so true now that the rising idols are getting younger and younger. But hey, what are dreams for?
    hi raymond! sorry i took so long to reply a message you left on my site. i went on a long hiatus for school. :( sorry. anyway, the site wasn't moved. it got deleted cause i took it off my credit card. anyway, i'm still going to put it up, since im graduating soon and will be having time then. i'll let you know when. :) thanks.
    no problem.
    btw, i don't if it's me or it's the acct, but your pictures in your profile are not working.
    hey there, just want to let you know that their are individual links up for SHINee's Year Of Us, you're still interested.
    It's so funny...this is gonna make u laugh again. I just visited the DRRT thread and that girl/guy (wat ever gender) is replying to her/his own comment again, it's like the 4 time already. It's just so funny so I thought I'll share with you so we can laugh together. :D
    Hillo. Thanks for dropping by. Yeah, I'm a 2PM fan too but not as crazy as how I used to be with H.O.T. highfive of teenagers. I got into 2PM b/c of Nickkhun. Then I start liking WooYoung and other members follow. About the Jay situation: It sucks that Jay might not be able to return but it's Korea . It was a small issue but turned into such a big thing as if Korean is going to war with...
    lol, So...you should come join me in Sarna3 with our little drama, the fun never stops. ^_^
    The conversation I remember vividly was about Hua Jai Sila. A lot of bashing on Fang lmao... I haven't read your blog in a long while.
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