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  • I’m sending all my pals a good bye note (no I’m not dying lol). I’ll be going on HIATUS until JUNE. I really miss you all, I also left a message for you on my about me page. Till then, Jeeja Li
    well ur a Bie fan too... so thats good that i no one more person that is a fan.... nice to no u... what should i call u by???
    hehe...ya it's been so long too that I haven't seen you around. miss you na :D
    thanks for updating Bie's infos on the thread for his lakorn. i'm glad to hear good stuff about him lol
    supporting Bie on his trip to Korea!!! hwaiting XD XD XD FIGHTING lol
    Hey Remem, do you have any info on Bie's project for next year??? Such as his Musical, is Bie still have one with Grand? I heard he's gonna have another lakorn too, is it true?
    do u know any more news of Bie's new lakorn beside DRRT?
    Just wanna know...hehe...I'm so sorry for being a fan to Bie but will skip his lakorn DRRT cuz of Vill...Sorry I can't stand her so I'm not gonna watch. PM me if the lakorn goes well.
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