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  • What's w/ the SHOUTING? Just cuz it's labled "Shout out!" Don't mean you gotta SHOUT AT EVERYONE IN EVERYTHREAD. hahaha jk jk love love!
    Hey you! You need to take off your sig pic because of violations against the rules. HE'S MY MAN AND YOU CAN'T TAKE HIM! LOL jk luv luv luv
    hey stina.
    im doing good. just busy with school and that's all. haha. what about you?? how have you been. you look like a party girl. going out and stuff. haha. anyways. oh yeah about the phone haha. i forgot all about it. sorry. >.< but if you want it still i can send it over when im sending navy a "gift" haha. but yeah i might be down there in cali this summer but im not
    hey!! i've been good!! what about u? still working? how's school? your last year right?
    and yeah!! I love Big Bang..and i wanna go see them his summer too, but not sure yet..but girl!! you're off them? get back on them!! LOL..
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