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  • hihi linda hope you read this but well yupperz im in east coast jux landed yesterday!!!!so hows work are youb tired???
    you mean like og to KOREA AND SEE THEM!? theyre comin to holywood bowl UGHK! im still unsure of whether to go or not! if u go tell me! lol but yeh im still into them . my fren just got me their dvd concert for my bday *LOVES HER LOL and yeh whos ur fav? I LOVE SENGRI! AND OMG OMG! GD SMILED AT ME! did i tell u! i touched sean! LOL and jinu so LOOKE DAT ME AND JU
    HEY HOW HAEV YO BEEN? :D you like big bang too?! I LOVE BIG BANG! i went ot the yg 10th anni concert & i am MORE IN LOVE. lol bt right now im sorta like off them haha !
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