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  • Another Quote of the Day “ Stop focusing on how stressed you are and remember how Blessed you are. “
    Thank you to AF admins, past and present for your times, dedications, and efforts in keeping this Forum up and running smoothly since 2006.
    Yes. They been wonderful over the years, member ,mods & admins . The forum was actually created in 2004 but switch format in Aug. 2005 and remain so . Happy 2018 everyone.
    Congratulations to everyone at Kom Chadleuk Awards 2016. Nadech - Popular Actor, Yaya - Popular Actress five consecutively years, Neung Nai Suang - Popular Lakorn, Weir - Best Actor, Sood Kaen San Ruk - Best Actress, best script and best lakorn, Ka Badin - Best directing and more. .
    Congrats to everyone esp. Yaya for winning Popular Actress in People's Heart. Yaya looks so good. She's simply stunning!
    Just had to reply a THANK You to for leaving me a comment at GRGR thread. I'm doing fine. I sneak in AF and Yadech when I take breaks, but I'm slowly weaning myself from them, even though it's heartbreaking, but you know that when the obsession sets in nothing gets done. I miss you too! <3
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