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    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    I've recently seen Trabab See Chompoo and I think the new guy, Pon Nawasch can easily portray the playboy, selfish and hateful character of Khun Kawee. He just needs to work on with heavy dramatic scenes because what made Sawan Being 2007 version is the excellent acting of Ken. That one scene...
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    ❤ [CH3] Tra Barp See Chompoo (Love Drama Company): Pon Nawasch/Bua Wansiri

    Hello guys! I just want to share how much I like Trabab See Chompoo. Although there are times that I want to punch Peat in the face for being a jerk and an a-hole, I still enjoyed the lakorn because of the chemistry of the two leads and the unpredictability of the drama. Drama rate: 8/10...
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    [Ch3] Prow Mook (?) : Pon Nawasch/ Bua Wansiri

    I just came here after finishing Trabab See Chompoo. I'm happy that Pon will be paired up again with Bua. They really have an off the charts chemistry with their first lakorn. Pon really have the looks of a praek for slap kiss drama, he really made me hate and love him at the same time in TBSC...
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    [CH3] Game Sanaeha (Lakorn Thai) : James Jirayu / Taew Natapohn

    Wow this dedicated forum for Game Sanaeha has 600 pages! --------- I'm finally done watching Game Sanaeha. I can say that it's one of the best Thai dramas out there. Every character has their shining moments. The two main leads has a great chemistry. And most importantly, The drama has a happy...
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    [Ch3] Kluen Cheevit (Lakorn Thai) Mark Prin/Yaya Urassaya

    So happy to see them again together!
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    [Ch3] Kluen Cheevit (Lakorn Thai) Mark Prin/Yaya Urassaya

    How are you guys? I'm glad we still have this platform to discuss about Mark and Yaya even though we have zero news of any projects they're doing together after KC. To the person who commented here about Mark's looks: Mark is a very handsome guy, as a matter of fact one of the reasons why KC...
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    [CH7] Sampatan Hua Jai (Mummai) : Weir Sukollawat / Thisa Varitthisa

    Hi guys! I love watching lakorn and Weir is one of my fave Pra'ek. I've seen 6 of his lakorns (3 of those he acted alongside Min and other dramas he made with Pinky, Praew and Mai Davika) I really want to watch this new lakorn of his but my problem is I don't know where to watch it with...
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    [CH3] NuengDao Fah Diew (TV Scene) : James Jirayu / Taew Nataporn/Aum Atichart

    So excited to watch this lakorn later.
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    [Ch3] Kluen Cheevit (Lakorn Thai) Mark Prin/Yaya Urassaya

    While waiting for another drama from MY, I'll be busy again with another drama from CH3, starring James and Taew. But no matter how many lakorns I've seen since KC, Mark Yaya still remains as my absolute favorite onscreen couple.
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    [CH3] NuengDao Fah Diew (TV Scene) : James Jirayu / Taew Nataporn/Aum Atichart

    Hi guys I'm Vina! I started watching Lakorns after getting addicted to Kluen Cheewit. Now I anticipate good lakorns from GMMTV, Ch7 and most especially ch3. Last lakorn I have completed was BS of BP and I really enjoyed the historical concept of that drama. Heard this lakorn of James is the...
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    [Ch3] Kluen Cheevit (Lakorn Thai) Mark Prin/Yaya Urassaya

    Mark doesn't have any upcoming dramas after his lakorn with Kim and I think Yaya is almost done filming her drama with James Ma. I've also read last month at Dara Daily that one of her drama's got cancelled so I assume it's the one with Tik. Ch3 shouldn't have any reason now to pair them up...
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    [Ch3] Kluen Cheevit (Lakorn Thai) Mark Prin/Yaya Urassaya

    They are busy with BP's phenomenal success and its sequel. Actually, I kinda feel envious of their fans because even though Bella has already a boyfriend (Weir Sukollawat); fans of her successful drama can still see her get paired up again with Pope soon. If only the respective partners of MY...
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    [Ch3] Kluen Cheevit (Lakorn Thai) Mark Prin/Yaya Urassaya

    I want to see them in another lakorn with lots of physical contact.
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    Soot Saneha (Lakorn Thai)

    I'm currently watching this lakorn right now, looks pretty good so far.
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    [Ch3] Kluen Cheevit (Lakorn Thai) Mark Prin/Yaya Urassaya

    If I were one of the executives of ch3, I'd produce another Lakorn for Mark-Yaya soon while the chemistry of the two is still fresh in the minds of Thai viewers. Strike while the iron is hot.