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  1. x0unerthanlater

    [Ch7] Sarawat Teun (PaSang YaSorn Ltd.)

    cr:   Produced by PaSang YaSorn Ltd. Author: Wasibta Dejkoonchorn   The genre is action and drama with love, friendship, sacrfice and unity. When the nation is highly influenced and dominated by illegal crime organizations even the law cannot fight, the Criminal...
  2. D

    [Ch7] Mae Poo Priew (Nopporn Promotion)

    Credit to: Thip @ SPICY Forum Link: Title: แม่ปูเปรี้ยว The n'ke is Preaw Tasaneeya a new actress. I think some of ya might have see her. She is under A Supachai. Credits to: ah’Vut’s fb
  3. D

    [Ch7] Kai Look Keuy (Nopporn Promotion)

    Credit to: Thip @ SPICY Forum link: to Spicy forum: Title: ไข่ลูกเขย This is a remake of Dodo and Claudia's lakorn.
  4. shubby

    [Ch7] Fah Jarod Sai (DIDA)

    this is another odd pairing couples..hehehe..but can't wait..tho...