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  1. inbetweener_guy

    [ONE31] Second Chance (The One Enterprise / Team Art 999): Cris Horwang / Got Jirayu / Bint Sireethorn

    This is a such a casting coup from the veteran artists down to the newbies. Interesting to know what the story's gonna be.
  2. inbetweener_guy

    ❤️[GMM25] Mama Gogo (GMMTV / Trasher Bangkok): Cris Horwang / Pookie Paweenut / Joss Way-ar / Lee Thanat

    According to this tweet by Trasher Bangkok (Jojo Tichakorn's production company, which is behind "Friend Zone" 1 & 2 and "3 Will be Free"), they will have 2 dramas with GMMTV next year. I'm pretty sure there'll be some LGBT theme in one or both of these dramas. ETA: Looks like one of these...
  3. inbetweener_guy

    ❤️]CH3] The Root (Change2561): Cris Horwang / Kao Supassara / Peach Pachara / Louis Scott

    Change2561 is possibly collaborating with Channel 3 for 3 different dramas. A meeting took place yesterday.
  4. inbetweener_guy

    ❤️[GMM25] Nuer Nai (Change2561): Cris Horwang / Tangmo Pataritda / Rotmay Kaneungnij / Golf Anuwat / Art Phasut

    This was announced back in January, but looks like some recasting was done. Ice Apissada is said to be out, and Tangmo, Rotmay and Kratip are said to be part of the cast now. This is the original trailer. And here are some posts related to the supposed casting changes...
  5. inbetweener_guy

    ❤️[ONE31] Bpai Hai Teung Duang Daao (The One Enterprise): Cris Horwang / Aum Atichart / Bank Thiti / Maprang Alrisa

    Looks like there's some ceremony going on right now in relation to an upcoming series, based on One31's IG post. Following the hashtag #ไปให้ถึงดวงดาว, I saw this: and this
  6. D

    ❤️[GMM25] Club Friday Series 11 : Cheer Thikumporn/ Indy Intad/ Cee Siwat/ Noon Woranuch/ Buachompoo

    :cheer::cheer::aaaaa::aaaaa:Yeah I'm so happy to see Cheer have a new project. I can't wait to know more what this lakorn is going to be about and what kind of role Cheer going to play. I really hope she play some thing different. Here is the title in Thai. Hope someone can help translate into...
  7. D

    New wave of Koo Jin 2017 to watch?

    New wave of Koon Jin that are rising and making big with fans. Four of the couple are from The Cupid Series Boy and Toey J. Cris and Punjan Wawwa and Indy Cheer and Toey Ter and Mew from their movie they have together. Cr to: daradaily
  8. Maricon

    ❤️[CH3] Daai Daeng: (???) :: Poh Nattawut / Cris Horwang

    Source: @ ที่สุดละครของ “อ้อม” พิยดา ที่ทำให้ช่อง 3 ก็เคาะเรื่องแล้ว คือ “ด้ายแดง” แถมยังได้ “ป๋อ” ณัฐวุฒิ มาเป็นพระเอก เปิดกล้องปลายปีนี้จ้า This is reportedly to be Aom Phiyada's first production lakorn for CH3
  9. S

    Cris Horwang (DONT MAGAZINE Vol.6 No.5 April 2016)

    cr magazinedee
  10. S

    Cris Horwang (Traveller's Companion Vol.38 No.438 June 2016)

    cr crisfc
  11. S

    PURE photobook by TADAVARICH

    Its a nude photoshoot of celebrities for a charity. Tadavarich is the photographer who did this photobook to raise money. Idk why celebs have to do this to raise money though.     cr tadavarich
  12. S

    Cris Horwang (OK! Vol.11 No.268 January 2016)

    cr magazinedee
  13. S

    Cris Horwang, Bee Namthip (IMAGE January 2016)

  14. S

    Cris Horwang (Maxim Vol.11 No.132 December 2015)

  15. S

    Cris Horwang ( LISA vol. 16 no. 24 November 2015 )

  16. D

    [Ch3] The Cupids Series Part 2 : Kammathep Ork Suek (Broadcast Thai Television) Cris & Punjan

      Title:  กามเทพออกศึก / Kammathep Ork Suek (part 2 of 8) Also known as:  Duration: TBA Genre: Romance / Comedy Popularity: Top Rated Air time: TBA Broadcast network: Channel 3 Broadcast period: TBA Theme song:    Producer:  Director: Mai P.wat.P. Screenwriter: TBA Company Name: Broadcast Thai...
  17. S

    Cris Horwang (AROUND vol. 6 no. 67 October 2015)

  18. S

    [CH3] Mia Luang (D One TV) : Jui Warattaya / Smart Krissada / Cris Horwang

    There are rumours on many websites like pantip Exact plans to remake this Lakorn. And Bee Namtip should be the characte from Khun Pok Piyathida frim the ch7 version. For me Bee should act as Ingorn, this role is better for her. But I can't see any praek from One channel who can act as Dr. Adirutj
  19. crazy12

    [Ch 3] The Cupids Series (Broadcast Thai Television)

    This Lakorn consists of 8 series. Cr. kenphupoom_lakorn IG  
  20. krisayaporn

    Cris Horwang (FOC Magazine no.108 July 2014)

    I2oom @postjung                  
  21. krisayaporn

    Cris Horwang (MADAME FIGARO vol. 10 no. 132 July 2014 )

    Cr. Magazinedee              
  22. krisayaporn

    Ploy Chermarn & Cris Horwang (PuenDienTang vol.35 no.412 April 2014)

    Cr. I2oom                    
  23. A

    Cris Horwang (LISA vol. 14 no. 20 May 2013)

    Credits: Lisaguru.     BTS video; credits: lisagurutv.
  24. Cupid Candy

    Porshe Saran and Cris Horwang (HONEYMOON+TRAVEL vol. 1 no. 130 April 2013)

    credit to postjung  
  25. Cupid Candy

    Sunny Suwanmetanon and Cris Horwang (BRIDE vol. 28 no. 8 February 2013)

    credit to postjung      
  26. Cupid Candy

    Cris Horwang (NYLON THAILAND vol. 1 no. 1 March 2013)

    credit to magazinedee  
  27. Cupid Candy

    Cris Horwang (LEMONADE vol. 2 no. 45 January 2013)

    credit to magazinedee          
  28. Alice

    Cris Horwang(IMAGE Vol.26 no.1 January 2013)

    credit magazinedee
  29. Cupid Candy

    Cris Horwang (WE vol. 9 no. 104 December 2012)

    credit to
  30. Cupid Candy

    Various Actresses (SUDSAPDA vol. 30 no. 716 December 2012)

    credit to Susapda FB
  31. Cupid Candy

    Various Stars (LIPS vol. 14 no. 1 July 2012)

  32. Cupid Candy

    Cris Horwang (TENN vol. 1 no. 4 August 2012)

  33. dertaajaf

    Cris Horwang (LISA vol. 13 no. 12 March 2012)