1. G

    Ruk Tuer Dai Mai?

    Top: A police man from earth. He's a total playboy and hs broken hearts of many girls. A playboyish tricky person on the outside and seems to be tough, yet inside a very soft and friendly person. He loves to annoy Wawwa and fight with her because it's just his nature. Wawwa: A tough fiesty girl...
  2. PhoneO_5

    BrotherS *Ch 31 {07.31.16}

    Brothers' Video Credit: "I Can't Breathe" by Golf Pichaya & Special thanks to my little sister for helping me with the video!! CHARACTERS Sakorn Wilamorn (New Wongsakorn) - Headmaster at Wilamorn University, young, new, and fresh. He loves and is dedicated to his job. But, he isn't the...