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Brothers' Video
Credit: "I Can't Breathe" by Golf Pichaya & Special thanks to my little sister for helping me with the video!!

Sakorn Wilamorn (New Wongsakorn) - Headmaster at Wilamorn University, young, new, and fresh. He loves and is dedicated to his job. But, he isn't the perfect sweet talker that everyone imagines him to be. Behind that bright smile of his is a hatred that was implanted in him since he was young. Spoiled at home, but refuses to believe that he is. He is in a battle between his good human nature vs his inner demon. Can anyone save him from being heartless? Is it already too late?

Kaphon Wilamorn (First Ekkaphong) - Kaphon is the youngest of his siblings. An only child to his mother Pin (Pimmala Wilamorn). He grew up being pushed around by his older brother Sakorn, for reasons he didn't understand. As he got older, he soon realized that the reason Sakorn pushed him around was because they had different mothers. He always thought Sakorn just couldn't handle having a stepmother and that he always shouted random jibber like, "You killed my mom!" towards Pin. Kaphon always tried to impress Sakorn, until one day he found out what Sakorn did to his friend and confronted him. But, the brother he once had sympathy for, soon became nothing but trash to him.

Kaneung Sipalat (Rotmay Kaneungnij) - A sweet girl who went to live with her mom in the Wilamorn's household as a teenager. She befriended Kaphon, her mom's best friend's son since they were born. Her mom would visit Pin Wilamorn every summer until the Sipalat's lost their head of household, Kaneung's father and were left to fend for themselves. Thima was invited to live at the Wilamorn household as the head caretaker. Kaneung stayed with her grandmother until she entered high school. Kaneung and Kaphon's dream is to achieve success by earning it fairly. But Kaneung's dream had an obstacle because of one night.

Thida Malathep (Noona Neungtida) - An in your face Master's student at Wilamorn University who teaches a beginner's Language Art's class. She started off on the wrong foot with Sakorn, but soon they realized they both had a lot in common. Sakorn soon treated Thida like a younger sister, but Thida started to fall for the young headmaster. As blunt as she was, she told him, but told him it doesn't matter if he doesn't feel the same way. She hopes that either he will change his mind or she will change her own mind. For now, she's fine with being friends, or that sister/brother relationship he claims to have with her.

Sakol Rasaya (Four Sakolrat) - A young dance instructor who met Sakorn before he became headmaster of Wilamorn University. They became a couple, but things headed for a turn for the worst and Sakol ran away because of it. Or did she? What are her true motives?

Ami Wilamorn (Tata Young) - The eldest of the Wilamorn family. 10 years older than Sakorn and 14 than Kaphon. The year that hers and Sakorn's mother passed away, Ami also fell into more grief when the doctors told her she'd be unable to walk again. She caught an illness that caused her to become paralyzed below the waist. Wheelchair bound, she seems optimistic about life. She is the responsible, mature, mediators for her brothers.

Jade Maimart Wilamorn (Think of Your OWN Character) - Married Supa Wilamorn, but had an affair with Pin for two years. Soon after Supa passed away, Jade had Pin move in and legally married her. He struggles to clear his name of adultery among the socialites and his own family.

Pin Pimmala Wilamorn (Think of Your OWN Character) - Middle class woman who never knew she'd fall in love with a wealthy man. After giving everything to him, she finds out he is married. But, loving him, she couldn't undo her sin so she kept the affair going. She even met Supa and they talked briefly, but only months after meeting one another, Supa passed away. When her man asked her to move in, she couldn't refuse living another day without him, especially carrying his baby.

Thima Sipalat (Think of Your OWN Character) - Pin's best friend. She grew up with Pin in a small village and they both moved to the city to work. There, they both met their husbands and started their own family. One day, her husband passed away suddenly and realizes that money was hard to earn on her own. She moved back to the small village and with the help of her mother and her best friend, she was able to live a stable life and her daughter was offered a chance to enter one of the most prestigious schools in Thailand. But that dream soon vanished for her daughter and a plan set forth to keep her daughter sane while keeping friendships alive.

Chapter 1 - Meaningless Cry - Chapter 2 - The Hot Sun Will Melt You - Chapter 2 - Women With Class - Chapter 4 - Ba Bump

Chapter 5 - No Way! - Chapter 6 - Kaneung - Chapter 7 - Your Eyes - Chapter 8 - Confusion

Chapter 9 - The Nerve - Chapter 10 - Mixed Feelings - Chapter 11 - Roller Coaster - Chapter 12 - Back

Chapter 13 - Phoenix - Chapter 14 - Mister Taxi is Dangerous - Chapter 15 - Slap/Kiss - Chapter 16 - VHS

Chapter 17 - Response - Chapter 18 - Linger - Chapter 19 - Pounded - Chapter 20 - Silent Drunk

Chapter 21 - Disobey Me - Chapter 22 - Seldom Tears, Always Surprises - Chapter 23 - Crazy Week - Chapter 24 - It's Clicked Closed

Chapter 25 - Keeping It Modest - Chapter 26 - Last Time Calling Me Crazy - Chapter 27 - Emotions - Chapter 28 - Revelation

Chapter 29 - Quiet Whispers - Chapter 30 - The Phone Went Dead -
Chapter 31 - Smart Like Her Dad
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Chapter 1 – Meaningless Cry

“Stop! Let me go…please,” cried out Kaneung.

Sakorn ignored her cries and pinned Kaneung down with his heavy body. Testosterone overtook his conscience. Hatred blinded him from right and wrong. The alcohol messed with his brain.

Kaneung tried to kick Sakorn off of her, but he was too strong. She merely moved a centimeter. She kept screaming for help even though she knew it was hopeless. Everyone was out of the house that night to a banquet party. Only she had stayed behind to study for an exam. Never had she ever thought she’d be in a situation like this. Never had she thought her cries would be so meaningless.

Sakorn let go of Kaneung’s wrist as he reached down to unzip himself. He kept his head pressed against her shoulders to keep her held down between him and the firm mattress he slept on since adolescence. As soon as he was ready he grabbed Kaneung’s wrist and made sure to pin them down to prevent her from smacking him like when her arms were temporarily free a few moments ago. Sakorn tore a button off of Kaneung’s blouse using his teeth and invaded her to his aggression.

5 years later

“Oh my gosh Kaphon, you’ve gotten so tall! I missed you so much!” cried Pin.

“Pin, he’s a man now. Of course he’d be tall. He’s not 17 anymore,” remarked Jade.

Sakorn eyed Kaphon with disgust. “Wished you died on the plane,” Sakorn mumbled to himself.

“What did you just say Sakorn?” asked Jade. “I know you two fought over that one girl years ago, so just stop with it already. You’re both adults now. You’re brothers.”

“Hug each other,” said Ami. “If you two don’t, I’m never going to get that second surgery.”

Sakorn looked at his sister wishing she wasn’t really making him hug Kaphon. Four years ago, Sakorn met a beautiful dance instructor at a board meeting. They hit off right away and their relationship moved quickly. She was good at everything. All the women he dated before were too clingy or not interesting. They bore him, but Sakol was different. She was exciting. She intrigued him in every way possible. Then disaster struck. Sakol came crying down the staircase in nothing but her dress shirt. Sakorn had just come home from the office. She ran directly into his arms and Kaphon came running down the stairs after her. Sakol pointed her finger at Kaphon.

“He grabbed me and he trapped me under him!” wailed Sakol. “I came to see you P’Sakorn, but he grabbed me.”

Kaphon’s jaw dropped and responded, “I didn’t do it! I swear, I didn’t touch her!”

Sakorn pushed Sakol off gently and walked to Kaphon and took a full swing at Kaphon. “Great way to pay me back!” Sakorn shouted at Kaphon.

“Yeah, the same lines you used last year!” shouted Kaphon. “But when I said I didn’t do it, I really didn’t. Unlike you!”

Jade entered the scene and called for a private meeting. Sakol cried and grabbed hold of Sakorn while she explained what had happened. Kaphon took his turn to explain everything, but was interrupted multiple times by Sakorn. Kaphon explained that he had been napping after his entrance exam. He had come home and ate the lunch that the nanny had left on the table for him and felt like napping. When he awoke, Sakol lied next to him crying. He reached out to ask her what had happened and she started to scream and run down the stairs so he followed her. That’s when Sakorn entered the picture.

“Bullshit!” shouted Sakorn.

“Enough,” shouted Jade. “Sakorn, take her home. And Miss Sakol, I will get to the bottom of this and if he really did this to you, I will personally report him to the police.”

“No,” said Sakol. “I won’t press charges. It’s Sakorn’s brother.”

“He’s not my brother!” shouted Sakorn.

“Calm down,” shouted Jade. “Enough, I said. Take her home.”

Sakorn stayed with Sakol that night at her place, but when he awoke, she left nothing but a mere letter.


I thought I could be with you forever, but I can’t be in the way of your relationship with your brother. I want you two to mend things. It’s best that I leave both your lives and start anew. Don’t find fault in each other, don’t fight over me. I’ll be okay.

Love you,


Sakorn crushed the paper and swore, “We’ll never be even.”

That very day, Jade announced that he will send Kaphon to study abroad. Kaphon hesitated leaving Thailand, but his dad made him a deal he couldn’t refuse.

Sakorn did as his sister,Ami said and wrapped his arm around Kaphon tightly. “Don’t think that just because you have a degree from Oxford you can go into the office and run the whole place,” whispered Sakorn to Kaphon.

“Wanna bet?” asked Kaphon. He pulled himself away from Sakorn

“How is she doing?” Thima interrupted and asked Kaphon.

“She is well and so is…” Kaphon trailed off his sentence and bent down to whisper in Thima’s ear.
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Just read the characters info and I all ready liking it. Haven't read chapter 1 yet but will read it later today got to go to work.


imma kick ur-ass-aya !
I'll definitely tune in. I've always been a fan of your writing :) Thanks na and I hope you'll be more active on the forum! The FF isn't the same without all the writers.


I enjoy reading you FF and it is only the first chapter but it is already very good and interesting. Please update when you free :)
(I'm not rushing you ok.) Thanks


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Chapter 2 - The Hot Sun Will Melt You

"Mommy! The phone is ringing. It must be Khun Por!" cried out Lynn excited for the call. "He must be calling from Thailand. Oh mommy, please hurry and pick up!"

"Calm down Lynn. I don't want you to get hurt like you did last time your Father called. He nearly had a heart attack when I told him you fell down the stairs rushing to answer his call," said Kaneung as she gently picked up the telephone.

"Khun Por! I want to talk to you! Tell mommy to pass me the phone!"shouted Lynn. Kaneung nodded her head and smiled. Lynn has always been an active child. Very spoiled by her dad.

"Nong Lynn," said Kaphon. Before he could continue, Lynn interrupted. "Khun Por ja, Khun Por, do you miss me as much as I miss you? I want to see you already."

Kaphon laughed over the phone. Her voice just made him feel ten times better than a couple hours earlier when he landed in Bangkok. Lynn always brought joy to his heart. The day he arrived in London was the day he felt happiest in the longest time. Kaneung was there to pick him up at the airport and Nong Lynn had the brightest smile on her face. She giggled as soon as she saw Kaphon. She was only 10 months at the time. He never thought he'd love her as much as he does now. She quickly reached up for him to pick her up out of her mom's arm. Once he held that sweet child in his arms, he didn't want to let her go.

"Khun Por, I want you to come back. My birthday is coming up and I want you to come back as my present," cried Lynn.

Kaneung was sadden to hear her daughter cry wanting her Father to return to them. Her heart felt sick watching Lynn's sad facial expression. Kaneung asked Lynn for the phone and spoke into the speaker. "We do miss you Kaphon," her voice trembled. He had been with her, helping her until they both graduated from university. She felt comfortable when he was with her. He helped care for Lynn. He helped keep Lynn's biological father's identity a secret from everyone. She didn't want that guy to know. She had too much dignity to ask for support from a guy who refuses to admit that he had abused her, a guy with no heart, no conscience. He is a guy as cold as a murderer. Kaneung once thought that underneath all his stubbornness, he had a conscience. But that night, he proved her wrong. She hates him.

Kaneung put Lynn in bed. Kaphon told Kaneung that he will do his best for them. Sakorn will be nothing more than a snowflake, melting away.

"I hate you, I hate you, I HATE YOU!" screamed Kaneung.

Memories of that night cluttered her brain.

"Khun Sakorn, please just focus so I can help you to your room," said Kaneung as she tried to help him into the home. She had peeked out the window and saw Sakorn lying on the concrete driveway.

Sakorn pulled at his tie as he fumbled along with Kaneung towards his bedroom. After being at the banquet for only a couple minutes, Kaphon received all the attention from everyone. Sakorn hated that and left to go out and drink at the local bar nearby.

You know? I hate it when you are always on that asshole's side? He's a bitch's son. Dad is blinded. You're blinded. You are all fools!" mumbled Sakorn angrily.

"Khun Sakorn, we all know you dislike your brother, but you know that he really does care for you," said Kaneung, trying to keep her cool, hoping Sakorn will stop being so stubborn.

"Just stop! You're all his people," shouted Sakorn with a slurred speech.

Kaneung opened the door to Sakorn's bedroom. She was sweating from his limp body and dragging him up to his room with very little effort on Sakorn's part. She felt like he really wasn't as out of it as he cuts it out to be. She felt he wasn't going to make it easy on her to assist him because he is just that way.

After reaching his bed, Kaneung fell on top of Sakorn as his unbalanced body dragged her down with him.

"I know what will make him hurt most," said Sakorn, as Kaneung froze gazing into Sakorn's eyes, shocked that she was lying right next to him.

"I'll take you from him. He'll really hate that!" shouted Sakorn. He quickly grabbed her arms with a sudden rush and pinned her down. His body no longer weak, just as Kaneung had suspected.

Tears rolled down Kaneung's eyes as the memories came flooding back. "I want to stop thinking about that night" cried Kaneung. Kaphon had returned to Thailand to carry out their plan.

Kaphon insured her that they will make sure Sakorn gets what he deserves. Sakorn has so much hate that he failed to seek the truth. He blames his mother's death on Pin. Anyone close to Pin is his target. He raped Kaneung and denies it to this very day. She and Kaphon swore that they aren't like Sakorn. Their revenge is different. They aren't monsters like he is.

Five years ago, Kaneung listened in on the confrontation after Kaphon caught her leaving Sakorn's room that early morning when everyone had returned home. Kaneung did not say a word, but from her tattered attire, Kaphon knew. He rushed passed Kaneung and entered Sakorn's room.

Sakorn's answer to Kaphon's accusation was merely a smirk and stated, "l didn't do it;I didn't do it. I didn't touch her."

Kaneung wanted to rip him to pieces that night hearing his denial, but as soon as Kaphon raised his arm ready to smack his brother, Kaneung entered the room and stopped it. She didn't want Kaphon to waste his energy on a punk. Despite what Sakorn did to her, she couldn't destroy her mother's relationship with the family. She felt like she couldn't tell anyone. The family already had so much drama that she couldn't be another burden. The next morning, Kaneung thanked Jade and Pin for their support and said her goodbyes. She left for London, as far as she could go from Sakorn. Kaphon helped her choose a destination. But never in 3 months time would she have thought she'd have morning sickness.

Lynn is the only good thing that came out of what happened that night. Kaneung never once looked down on her pregnancy and her daughter just because of the way Lynn was conceived. Kaneung was afraid and confused when she found out she was pregnant. It was mostly because her baby won't have a father, she won't have the ideal nuclear family. But, at the moment she found out, Kaneung had no choice but to call her best friend.

Kaphon flew out to see her right away and that day, they made a promise to keep the father's identity a secret. He told her he wanted the baby to be his. He will be the father. The biological father doesn't deserve to be the dad. Kaneung trusted her best friend's promise.

She called her mother and told her she was pregnant. Thima was angry at first, especially since the baby was conceived out of wedlock, but Kaphon told Thima that Kaneung has her reasons to not tell her who the Father of the baby is. Kaphon told Thima that he'd like to help support Kaneung through the pregnancy and that the baby deserves the best. Kaphon continued to send her financial support as his parents sent money for Kaneung's education, clueless to the whole ordeal. When Kaphon had the opportunity to study abroad, he chose London.

As he observed Nong Lynn when they arrived at the flat, he noticed the resemblance she had to her Father. "He has to pay," he stated.

Back in Bangkok

Sakorn quickly sat up from his dream.

"Daddy! Won't you accept me daddy? I want a daddy," shouted the little girl running to him. Sakorn was confused and pushed the child away. "I'm not ready to be a father," he said panicking. Then out of no where, Sakol appears. She was more beautiful than ever. "It's our daughter. Why don't you want her? Didn't you love me?" her voice echoed.

He had fallen asleep at his desk, something he's never done before. "It'sbbecause he's back. He's stronger that before. He's ready to steal everything away from me. I can't let him. That kid kept me up all night." A sweat dripped from his forehead into his eye. "That dream, Sakol. Why did I have that dream suddenly?" thought Sakorn.
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I didn't realize how long it's been since the last chapter! I will write more soon. Hopefully I remember the storyline I was aiming at.


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Chapter 3 - Women With Class

Kaphon walked slowly through the courtyard at the prestigious school that he hopes to run one day. He remembered the days when he and Kaneung would visit his father here.

Kaneung mentioned wanting to attend a school like this one day, but sadly she stated, "I can't afford it anymore." Kaphon wanted his best friend to make it to her dreams. He had hinted to his mother that it'd be nice to have a scholarship program at the school. That, went into effect and Kaneung worked hard to finish high school off strong by studying for her exam so she could get a scholarship to go there. But that night changed everything, his best friend was raped and the perpetrator got away with it. He would rat out his brother, but Kaneung had begged him not to. "Why did she want to keep all that pain to herself?"

Kaphon continued towards his office. This office was assigned to him by the school board. "It's pretty nice, but my office at Oxford was much better," he thought. "Kaneung would've loved to sit here instead." Kaphon slowly walked to the bright window with his hand in his blazer pocket. He stood firm and tall and gazed out towards the school entrance. "It's very green," he thought.

"Hey, so you're the new professor? Just as P'Sakorn mentioned. You're a cocky sun of a gun," stated Thida. "You think you can get what you want with a flick of a finger? You're not some CEO."

Kaphon was surprised by this petite girl barging into his office. He quickly scanned her body, she wore a short red and navy blue polka dotted skirt and a white blouse with 2 inch heels. His eyes moved from her beautiful calves to her bust. His eyes settled there and he smiled, chuckling to himself. Thida quickly noticed and folded her arms. She had a spoiled rich girl aura. The very type of girl Kaphon despises. He admits she caught his attention in the looks department.

"What are you looking at? You pervert!" Thida shouted.

Kaphon walked towards her and bent down to her level and stared straight into her eyes. He raised one eyebrow as if to mock her. He was merely an inch away from her face and Thida began to panic inside. But she wouldn't let him see it. Kaphon responded, "Why do you wear scandalous things to a school, if not for the attention?" Thida gasped, "I'm a teacher here, I don't think what I'm wearing is inappropriate for the weekend when students aren't around."

Kaphon stepped away from Thida and had his back towards her. "Don't tell me you're the sex ed teacher?"

Thida shook with anger. "How can you say such things to a woman? You're a jerk! I'll report you to the school board for harassment!" Thida stomped off and slammed the door shut. She marched towards the stairwell and briskly went down 6 flights of stairs. Once she reached the ground floor, she folded her arms again and leaned on the wall.

"What a jerk! P'Sakorn is so right about him. He has no respect whatsoever. He has no manners." Her mind calmed down as her heart slowed down to normal pace. "Gosh, he is tall," she thought. "P'Sakorn is at least two inches shorter than this guy."

"Ahem, what are you up to Thida?" asked Sakorn. "You look like you just ran a marathon."

Thida jumped, startled by Sakorn. "Oh, nothing P'Sakorn. I just went to greet you know who."

Before saying more, Thida looked up at Sakorn and noticed his eyes were scanning her. "Not you too!"

She started to march on, but Sakorn grabbed her arm before she got far and smiled at her. At that instance, the elevator door swung open slowly. Kaphon smirked at the sight he saw. He walked out of the elevator towards Thida and Sakorn.

Thida was preparing to talk back to Kaphon as he got closer to them. But instead, Kaphon turned towards his brother. "Her too? Wow, you know how to pick your women!"

Sakorn let go of Thida and stepped towards his brother. They faced each other with fire in their eyes. Thida knew Sakorn didn't like his brother, but seeing this scared her. There was so much between them that she didn't understand. Kaphon's face was a bit calmer, but that fire was there. He had a smirk on his face. Sakorn's forehead was furrowed, he was angry and she could tell.

"I do know how to pick. I chose wisely too," said Sakorn.

Kaphon knew what Sakorn meant by that statement. He no longer had a smirk and his face matched that of Sakorn's. "Keep calm," thought Kaphon. "Can't have trouble on the first day on school grounds. This is your career you're putting on the line."

"Admit it," said Kaphon. "I just did," said Sakorn. "Apologize," said Kaphon. "You apologize first," said Sakorn. Their faces got closer as their voices raised. Both were breathing hard. Thida wanted this to stop, but her mind went blank.

"Stop it!" shouted Jade. "Not on school grounds. You two are coworkers, not brothers here."
Jade broke the two apart and both turned away from each other. Both still angry at the other.

Sakorn spoke first, "He's not my brother anymore." He stormed up the stairs.

"That kid, he's always going to be immature like that. Kaphon, you know how important this school is to me and our family. Don't ever let this be seen in the public eye." He then walked towards Thida. "Thida, I'm sorry you had to witness that. If that ever happens again, you can break them apart. Don't be afraid. I give you permission to smack either one."

Before Thida could look back in Kaphon's direction, he had already gone. She scanned for him, but he was nowhere in sight. "Gosh, he's fast," she thought.

Later that night

Sakorn grabbed the extra clothes he kept in the closet at work. He changed his clothes and as he was about to exit the school gates, he took a wide turn. Another car was heading into the school and both slammed on their brakes. Luckily they both stopped before a crash. Sakorn's head jerked back and almost hit the steering wheel, but his hands prevented a bigger impact. "Great! What a great day! That dream, Kaphon, couldn't get anything done at work, and now this!" shouted Sakorn. He quickly opened the door to check if there are any damages to his car.

"P'Sakorn, that was a close one," said Thida. "I'm sorry, I had to come back in to get my planner. I didn't think you'd be driving out like that!"

Sakorn looked at the other car, and it was Thida's car. He had been so focused on his own car, that he didn't think to care about the other vehicle owner. "It's okay Thida, I was in a hurry. I wasn't looking."

"P'Sakorn, are you stressed about earlier?" asked Thida.

Sakorn explained that he won't let Kaphon ruin his life anymore than he already has. Thida, started to go back to her car and reverse, but Sakorn called after her.

"About earlier today, I don't know why you were mad at me. But you did look hot in that outfit," said Sakorn. He smiled and got in his car.

A smile crept onto Thida's face. She had gone home to change after what Kaphon said to her earlier and noted how Sakorn looked at her too. When she got home, she looked in the mirror and saw that they could see through to her lace bra. "How embarrassing, she thought. That's what I get for not drinking my coffee before looking in the mirror in the morning."

She stepped into her car and thought about what Sakorn just said to her. "He thought I looked hot." Then she remembered that Sakorn doesn't really like her back. He said so himself. He just loves to tease her and make her long for him even more. "Why do I always forgive him? It's because I am in love with him."

The next morning

A soft pillow nestled against Sakorn's cheek. The sheets felt soft between his body. But the sun light bothered him. He'd have to go back and finish his work on a Sunday because the Fall semester is about to start tomorrow. He turned from his stomach to his back and stretched out on the bed. He knew he was naked and knew he had an ache in his groin. It's been a while, I need to get some action soon. Why don't I remember my dream if it was erotic?"

Sakorn slowly opened his eyes and realized the throbbing pain from a terrible headache he is having. As soon as his eyes adjusted, he didn't recognize the room. His first instinct was to quickly squeezed his head to put pressure on his temples. Sakorn scanned the room and saw his clothes scattered across the floor. His eyes finally caught on to a dresser nearby. His eyes glued on the silver picture frame. It was a picture of the one he loved. Sakol.
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Thank u! Cant wait to read more. I wanna know what will happen next to Sakorn. Cant wait till Khaneung and their daughter show up,


sarNie Oldmaid
Thanks for the update. I haven't even star on this story yet. lol


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Chapter 4 - Ba Bump

Ba-bump, bump, Sakorn's heart pounded against his chest. So many years had gone by and not even a trace of her existence. On the dresser before him is Sakol's beautiful face glowing at him.

"Mommy, mommy, I made you cereal!!"

Sakorn turned towards the sound of the kid, he looked about 4 years old. His face resembled that of Sakol. His lips so plump and his eyes so big. His hair as black as black can be. The bowl crashed to ground and broke into pieces, cereal and milk splattered all over the hardwood floors. "Where's mommy?" the kid asked in horror.

Sakorn's jaw dropped and his throat dry. Unable to make a sound. He wanted to tell the kid that he doesn't know. He wanted to ask the kid who he was in his panic.

Suddenly, a woman rushes into the room. She wore a big oversized 7up t-shirt. Her hair slightly strawberry blonde. Her skin milky. She bent down and grabbed a hold of the kid. "What's wrong Moo Lek?" The kid turned and looked at Sakorn and points.

"Sakol!" Sakorn blurts out.

She turns to look at Sakorn and quickly grabs her child's hand and looks at him. She tells the kid to get out of the room and go make another bowl of cereal for her. He nods his head and run out, looking back at Sakorn one more time before disappearing from Sakorn's sight.

Sakol walks over to the scattered clothes on the floor. Sakorn clears his throat and keeps his eyes on Sakol. "What happened? Why am I?..."

Sakol finishes picking up the last sock and tosses it on the bed at Sakorn. "If you think we did something last night, you don't have to worry. Just hurry and get dressed and leave."

"Why?" asked Sakorn. Sakol places her hand on her hips and stands at the end of the bed. She clearly wasn't wearing a bra and Sakorn could see her nipple pressed against the cotton tshirt. She hasn't changed one bit. Still as beautiful as ever. "I didn't mean to bring you here, but I didn't know where you lived. So my friend helped me carry you here. Now that you're fine, just go."

Sakol turned to leave, but Sakorn asked her, "Where have you been?"

"Don't worry, you'll see more of me soon. Just go for today. I need time to think," replied Sakol.

Sakorn grew furious. He should be the one angry. She left him. Then she appears suddenly and acting as if they didn't mean anything to each other. He had longed for her return. When he finally almost lost hope, she reappears again. But acting snobby. "Did I do something wrong? You shouldn't have left that way! You have no right to act like this. We need to talk and figure things out!" shouted Sakorn.

The little kid rushes in and grabs a hold of Sakol's t-shirt, looking up at her. "Mommy, this man is scary. Why is he yelling at you?"

Sakol grabs his hand and tell him that it's okay. She pulls him to her and his head rests against her side. Sakorn looked at the kid and the kid's eyes looks at him suspiciously.

"Just get dressed," states Sakol one more time before walking out of the room.

Once dressed, Sakorn walks out of the bedroom door. He notices the kid is sitting on a bar stool and Sakol across from him smiling. She looks so happy. Then something crosses his mind. "Can this kid be his?" He starts to walk towards them but they both stopped laughing and turn towards him. The smile disappeared from Sakol's face and she points towards the door behind Sakorn. "The way out is over there." She walks towards him, then passes him to open the door. Sakorn walked towards the door, hoping to at least get some words out of her. Some sort of explanation. But, it doesn't happen. He brushed passed her, the hairs on his skin rose up. She makes him nervous. Like, when they first met.

"Just go for now," says Sakol. "I'll fill you in on things later. I'm not going anywhere anymore. I just didn't expect to run into you before I planned to."

Sakorn walked down the stairs. This was all shocking to him too, so he figured he'll get his answers soon. But something in his heart made him question whether she really will stay. Especially now that he knows her whereabouts again. Maybe she'll run away again. "But she wouldn't," thought Sakorn. "If she plans to, she wouldn't have stayed. She could've left and left me hanging wondering why I was naked in her room."

Sakorn turns to look up at Sakol one more time and she turns quickly to walk back in and unintentionally slams the door shut behind her. Sakorn stood staring at the door. His brain just remained blank, like a robot. He subconsciously walked to the end of the street and tracked down a taxi.

"Home please."

The Next Day

"Thima, wake up!" cried Pin. "Go get the medicine!" she shouted at the maid.

Kaphon was about to leave and head for work, when he saw the driver carrying Thima's lifeless-like body towards Pin's car. Kaphon opened his car door and rushed towards the chaos. "What's going on?" he shouted.

Pin ran out of the kitchen, nearly tripping on the steps in her heels as the maid handed her a purse. Her cheeks flushed and her eyes red with tears. "I asked what's going on?" asked Kaphon once again.

"It's her heart, she felt dizzy this morning, I should've known something was going to happen. I usually remind her to take her medicine. But I was so occupied with making sure your Father had everything he needed for the school today." Her speech was so slurred and fast that she could hardly catch her breath.

Kaphon helped his mother into the car next to her friend and he told the driver he will take them. He quickly pushed the driver out of the way and jumped in the drivers seat. He reversed quickly and stormed out of the driveway. Towards the gate where the security guard already had it propped open for their exit.

Meanwhile, Sakorn looked out his bedroom window. "Ha!" was the way he responded to situation. "That kid is going to be late to work." His heart cold towards the ailing Thima.

In London

Kaneung dropped the phone to the ground. "Hello?" said Kaphon. "Kaneung, are you there?"

Kaneung ran upstairs and started grabbing her things. She ran into Nong Lynn's room and started grabbing clothes and piling it into a smaller luggage. She grabbed her keys and rushed out the door to pick Lynn up from her piano lesson.

Wilamorn University

Bang! Sakorn banged his hands on his maple desk. His forehead furrowed with anger. "They didn't fire him?" He couldn't believe that they didn't get pissed at him for being late to work. 4 hours late.

Knock, knock "Who is it?" Sakorn shouts out of anger.

One of the student employees open the door looking shocked at how he responded. Sakorn lifted his hands and wiped them on his suit. He cleared his throat and smiled. "Sorry, I was just practicing my lines for when I visit the drama class"

The student eased up a bit and smiled. "Headmaster, today you have a visitor. A new teacher that just accepted a position this morning. Umm, a dance teacher. She's due to come meet you before she starts tomorrow."

His heart pounded. "She? Dance?"

The Hospital Earlier In the Day

The ICU doctor walked out of Thima's room. "She still has some tachycardia. But, it is slowly resolving. I told her last time she came that she needed to rest some."

Pin grabbed hold of Kaphon's arm. She wondered if what the doctor is saying means that Thima is stable now.

"She is stable for now, we're carefully monitoring her," said the doctor. "If she makes it, we hope that she will be in as little stress as possible."

"What do you mean, if she makes it?" asked Kaphon.

"Her heart is working so hard to compensate for the oxygen that her body needs. That's why her heart is beating so fast. She skipped her medication this morning and something is making her stressed," stated the doctor.

Kaphon quickly called Kaneung in London to let her know what is going on with her mother. Kaneung dropped the phone on him, but picked it up minutes later. She cleared her throat and said, "I'll be there soon." And she hung up and rushed to back to Bangkok.

After a while, Pin convinced Kaphon that she is calm now and that Kaphon should head to work. He is late and this is not good when the school board reviews his absence. Kaphon told his mother he isn't worried because the most important thing is family. His career can wait, but family is more important to him.

"Then why do you always fight with Sakorn?" asked Ami, wheeling towards them in her manual wheelchair. She could've gotten a motorized chair, but she prefers exercising her arms. "You don't have to answer little brother. Just go to work and I'll stay with mom here."

Kaphon smiled and went over to hug his sister firmly. "You didn't have to come P'Ami." Ami responds, "She's mom's best friend and she's been so good to our family. Once I heard what happened, I had to make my way here. Just because I'm in a wheelchair, doesn't mean I'm weak."

Kaphon apologized to Ami and headed to work. He called Jade and informed him that he is on his way and will accept all responsibility for being late. Jade told Kaphon that it's the first day and everyone is running a little behind anyways. Plus what he did is more important than standing at the entrance welcoming students back to school.

Once at the school, Kaphon went and apologized to all the members of the school board. He gave them his reasons and offered his apologies. He told them he accepts any punishment. Yet, they all told him that this will not be a strike against him. The rest of the day, he spent shadowing the vice president. Student came up to greet him and they commented on how he looked so much like the headmaster. Some knew they were siblings, others didn't. Most commented on his height. He laughed it off and gained many fans at the school.

End of Day

"It's not some modeling agency for fans to follow a professor around," whimpered Sakorn. He walked out for some fresh air and led an assembly to welcome freshmens earlier. All of that tired him out. What tired him out even more was being unable to sleep because of Sakol, trying to finish up work in prep for the first day of school, and now just being pissed at Kaphon for being well received by everyone here.

Sakorn looked at his watch and sees that it is 4 pm. His brain wanders and thinks how it'd be so relieving to go home in an hour. Then he looks at his watch again and jumps. He has to go back to the office to meet up with the new dance teacher.

Sakol sat at the desk waiting for Sakorn to arrive. She turns to look at him and smiles as if she does not know him.

"Hello," says Sakol. "I'm here to turn in my contract. I'm going to teach dance here once again. I miss this line of work. Dancing became second in my heart when my son moved to first. I just want you to know that I'm ready for dance and my son to be tied in my heart rather than loving more than the other."

Sakorn walks over to his desk chair and sits down. He boldly mouths, "Is that kid my son?"

Sakol hesitated a response. But eventually sighs, "Yes."

Later that evening

Sakorn couldn't sleep. He couldn't help but think about his son. Suriya. Then another thought, "She raised him all on her own for 4 years."

Sakorn gets up from his couch and walks over to his bedside table. He reached for his phone presses "1" for Thida.

"P'Sakorn, what's up?" asks Thida. Sakorn begins, "Sakol came today," He began to explain what had happened in the office.

"P'Sakorn, I don't have kids, but how can she be so selfish?" asks Thida. "What do you mean?" asks Sakorn. "Isn't your kid supposed to be number one, always? Plus, how can she keep him from you for so long?" continued Thida.

Those words burned his brain. He thanked Thida for the talk and ended the call. Sakorn went to shower and put on his pajamas. He decided to go downstairs for milk. It was getting late and he had skipped dinner pondering about everything. All the maids are asleep by now.

Sakorn walked straight to the refrigerator without noticing a little girl sitting on the bar stool. Her legs dangling and kicking in delight. Her hair were up in two little buns and a smile spread across her face, chewing happily on her peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She noticed Sakorn and thought about how much this man looks like her dad, but way shorter.

Sakorn finally realized he wasn't alone in the kitchen and sticks his head out from the fridge and saw the little girl sitting there. He squinted his eyes and rubbed them thinking he might be dreaming. There are no children living here. He wondered why he's seeing things.

"Are you okay Mister?" asks the little girl.

Sakorn closes the door and walks towards her. He folds his arms and leans against the counter top staring at her. His face full of confusion, "Are you really here or am I seeing things? Who are you?"

The little girl responds, "I'm Lynn."
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Chapter 5 - No Way!

"Lynn?" Sakorn asks.

Sakorn turns towards the entrance of the kitchen hearing footsteps and someone clearing their throat.

"Lynn, ja. How are you doing down here?" Kaphon asked as he stepped into the kitchen wearing a white undershirt and pajama bottoms. He stopped midway when he noticed Sakorn leaning against the counter in front of Lynn.

"Khun Por!" Lynn shouted and smiled. "This sandwich is delicious!" She turned the bar stool around to jump off and run to Kaphon, but she tripped and fell to the ground.

Kaphon's heart jumped out as his daughter hit the ground with a loud thud. She was silent, but he rushed to her side. Sakorn didn't know what to think of the whole situation. "This little girl just called Kaphon dad," he thought. Sakorn slowly stepped around the island and looked down at the little girl who landed face down. She was silent, but as soon as Kaphon reached her and grabbed hold of her arm to pick her up, she started to tear up and cry.

Her cries echoed throughout the whole kitchen. This whole thing is a shock to Sakorn and he didn't know what to do or think next. He walked back to the glass of milk and gulped it down. By this time, Kaphon had stood up with Lynn in his arms. She sobbed but started to calm down as Kaphon whispered encouraging words to her.

Sakorn stood watching, still speechless. He set his glass down in the sink and wanted to hold his son the same way Kaphon is holding his daughter. "Kaphon has a kid and is close to his kid," thought Sakorn.

Sakorn exited the kitchen silently and crept upstairs. He sat down on his bed and turned to turn off the night light. Sakorn laid down on his bed and pulled the sheets over himself. His mind began to race with so many thoughts. He couldn't believe his ears, his eyes, he couldn't believe this is all happening. Sakorn was in a shock. That night, Sakorn has a restless night's sleep. He kept waking up and couldn't sleep without a nightmare.

Finally, at 4 AM, he got up and tore off his clothes. He was sweating all over and felt all sticky. Sakorn stepped into his walk in shower and turned the water on. The first few splashes were cold and sent chills through his body. But, the water began to warm up and he began to relax. The water felt good. He thought about Sakol and their son. But, then his mind wandered back to little Lynn. Something about her just made him think of her more.

Her voice repeated in his head. "I'm Lynn..." then her remark to Kaphon, "Khun Por!" He doesn't know why those words made him feel odd. He couldn't forget her smile when she first spoke to him. And her bites when she ate the sandwich. The little girl always made sure she swallowed her food before talking. He couldn't help but see someone else in her. Someone that looked familiar.

"No, it can't be," he repeated as the familiar face clicked. "It's because she looks like Kaphon. That's who I see in her."

He grabbed the shampoo off the caddy and poured it in his hands. He rubbed and scrubbed the product into his hair until goops of it fell on the tiles. Sakorn turned to grab the conditioner after rinsing out the shampoo, but his foot slipped and he landed on his coccyx.

"Damn it!" he shouted. After a minute comprehending what had just happened, Sakorn leaned on the shower bench to help himself up. At first, his butt hurt and felt so sore, he didn't want to stand up. But, he eventually got up and grabbed the conditioner and body wash so he can finish his shower.

Sakorn limped towards the towel rack and grabbed the first towel in sight. He walked to the bathroom mirror and stared at himself. His eyes were glassy and he could see a zit on his forehead. "Great!" he exclaimed. "This is going to be an awesome day!"

Sakorn got dressed and walked down to the dining hall. He was a bit early, but the maid caught a glimpse of him and rushed to get his morning coffee. When she returned, his coffee had some leaf decor on the top. He looked at the maid and asked where she learned to do such a thing. He grabbed his coffee cup and lifted it to his lips to take a sip. The taste was sensational. A familiar taste. One he hasn't had in a while. He set the cup down and shook his head.

"No, it can't be."

The maid rushed back with a bowl of porridge. "Sorry I didn't answer your question earlier Sir, but the lady told me to hurry back because she needed help finding a container," Sakorn looked at her, "Lady?"

"Yes, sir. I just met her this morning. She made you your coffee. She said she was getting some ready for Khun Kaphon and Khun Jade. They are sitting in the office prepping for the day. Anyways," the maid got interrupted by Sakorn.

"You had a stranger make my coffee and you didn't know who she was? She could be out to poison us!" he shouted.

"It's okay," Jade said as he walked towards Sakorn. Following closely behind was Kaphon. Kaphon sat next to their father as Sakorn remained seated at the other end.

"So, you met my daughter?" asked Kaphon. "Isn't she the cutest?"

Sakorn felt ambushed and mocked by the question. He began to laugh in response and stated, "You, got some girl pregnant? And brought the kid back? Way to go on responsibility!"

Kaphon began to fidget and wanted to smack his asshole of a brother. He thought, "It's his kid! What a jerk! Can't believe she still hasn't pressed charges! But it's okay, I'd rather Lynn be mine."

Instead of stating what was on his mind, Kaphon looked at his brother and kept himself as composed as possible.

"What, what are you looking at?" asked Sakorn. "Who did you get pregnant?"

Before an answer can leave Kaphon's mouth, Kaneung walked out with a tray with two bowls of porridge. Sakorn couldn't believe it. His eyes crossed and he blinked to check and see if he was imagining this. His heart pounded at the sight of her again. He didn't think she'd ever return after what he did to her. She looked so lovely, like before. Except her face got fuller and her body more fit. The blouse she wore had a nice fit that lifted her bosoms and her high waisted white skirt landed perfectly around her hips.

"Speechless?" asked Kaphon across the table. "You remember Kaneung right? She's my daughter's mother."

Those words echoed in Sakorn's head.

His mind wandered back to when he first met Kaneung. He heard Kaphon talk to someone on the phone for years and he often received letters from someone in the countryside. One day, he found out her name was Kaneung. "Strange name," he thought. But, soon all he heard Kaphon talk about was how Kaneung was this and that. He got annoyed by this person and hearing Ami relay what Kaphon had told her about Kaneung. Finally, Jade made an announcement that Thima's kid was going to come and live with them and attend the same high school. That pissed Sakorn off even more. He told Ami how angry he was at how that evil step mother's friend's kid is getting special treatment. Ami calmed him down and gave him great words of encouragement.

Finally, Kaneung arrived. They all had to stand at the door and greet her like she was some heiress coming to visit. As soon as she stepped out of the car, Kaneung made Sakorn's heart skip a beat. All this time, he thought Kaneung was a boy. She smiled so beautifully and her hair bounced against her shoulder. She wore simple clothes: capris and a plaid blue and yellow blouse. Kaneung bit her bottom lip and her eyes ran towards Kaphon. She began to shriek at the sight of him and Kaphon ran towards her and picked her up and put his arms around her small waist and twirled her around. Sakorn remembered how that sight made him tinge with jealousy.

Just like now, "She's my daughter's mother."

Sakorn got up and limped out of the room. He shouted for the driver to bring his keys and drove off.

Kaneung looked at Kaphon. Her heart pounding no less than Sakorn had.
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Gahh!!! Please continue! I'm totally enjoying it at the moment :D
I wonder what Sakorn is going to do now that Kaneung is back. Sakol is definitely lying to Sakorn. He better not be
Update soon!


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Gahh!!! Please continue! I'm totally enjoying it at the moment :D
I wonder what Sakorn is going to do now that Kaneung is back. Sakol is definitely lying to Sakorn. He better not be
Update soon!
Thanks for reading :) I started to write some more last night, but fell asleep!! I am going to the Hunger Games premier tonight, so won't be working on it. I will let you know when I post the next chapter.


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Thanks for reading :) I started to write some more last night, but fell asleep!! I am going to the Hunger Games premier tonight, so won't be working on it. I will let you know when I post the next chapter.
It's alright. I can wait. :)
Ohh! I wanted to go see it too but can't yet. lol But do have fun! :D