li yi feng

  1. aikoden

    [Mainland] The Legend of Chusen

    I've been keeping my eyes on/off this drama since it starrs both my favorites Li Yi Feng and Zhao Liying. I'm glad it finally started airing (like last month). I must say that the flow of the story and scenes/graphics are really neat. I need more ZLY scenes though... I kind of didn't want to...
  2. aikoden

    [Mainland] The Lost Tomb

    I just finished this drama and found it to be so entertaining and adventurous! I really do hope that the series will continue and the cast stays fixed :3 Such a cliffhanger~~~~ I want to know what happens next. I'm even tempted to go read the novel to spoil myself but... I can't read...
  3. aikoden

    [Mainland] Tiny Times 1.0 (2014)

    Tiny Times 1.0 is the 2014 drama version of the popular novel of the same title.  It has been made into 3/4? films starring Yang Mi, Amber Kuo, etc.   This here is specifically for the 2014 drama version though, starring Ivy Chen, Peter Ho, etc..... :P :P :P         I knew about this drama since...