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  1. CTR

    CTR's All in One Thread

    This will be my personal thread from now on. I feel like I hijacked that other thread with my work so I opened up my own. This thread will have everything all in one. I feel like 2017 is approaching so it would be appropriate to start something new. In addition, I feel like this is the year...
  2. Ms.Zoe

    Let's Eat & Drink - Vietnamese Cuisine, Foods & Drinks (˘▽˘)っ♨ & (*^◇^)_旦

    I had Pho last week This week/today I have Bun Bo Hue I wish I could have 2 glasses of fresh Vietnamese sugar cane drinks right now Cr for noodle soup photos meatlovessalt & xinchaovietnam websites and vietnamesedrink.wordpress website for drink photo
  3. K

    My pass lover

    Chalida as naruk / kaew Mark as tawan / Nate Boy as pa sai / pang Margie as namwaan / Lilly Nadech as Khun way / lom Yaya as sawin / cerry And I add more latter on Kaew and Lilly , cerry are BFF and go to the same school one day they was reading an story with love and hope and black magic...