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  1. Kay123

    MT/Furby Gang : Matt, Mint, Mew, Taew, Toey

    So since @ella0411 and I have taken quite an interest in the MT squad we decided that the girls deserve a thread of their own. :worship2: So feel free for anyone to share pics or news regarding any of them here :thumbup: Let me start with the girls first public get together pic, that kinda made...
  2. ImQueen

    Unknown Title (Mario & Chalida)

    Prologue She remember standing here in the same place several years ago staring into the endless blues of the ocean wondering when her life will be her own. A tear drip down her face and she did not bother to wipe it off like the many times at night when she used to cry herself to sleep. She...
  3. Falada


    Another FF written by Tshavntuj Nrig. This one is after "Because of You".  It's about getting revenge. So LOL stay in tune.   Here's the cover: