1. M

    Song on TikTok

    Can someone tell me what this song is everyone is using in there TikTok. I want to listen to the song and learn words in Thai. However I am learning Thai through music and can not find this song anywhere and want to see if it is translated so that I can learn what the Thai words mean and along...
  2. maimyang

    maimyang Covers

    So shy to share this. But I’ll be posting some of my covers—from English to Hmong to Thai. I’m Not a professional!! You’ll hear my voice cracking sometimes :p ,, but I really do enjoy singing from time to time! In high school, I wanted to become a singer, because of my love for music and...
  3. WeirFany


    Hello Everyone, I came across this one music video a couple years back featuring Mos Patiparn. I forgot who the female was but the music video started off as the female lead submitting her story to the radio story telling their story. Basically they were best friends and she fell in love with...
  4. maimyang

    Singing covers HELP!(:

    Anybody advanced with technology on here? I just recently bought the Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio Pack: (Credit pic : amazon) I wanna do live covers of songs . Like this chick Samantha Harvey: Looking at the video, do you see how the camera picks up both her music and voice (and the...
  5. S

    What Thai song are you currently listening to?

    "What Thai song are you currently listening to?"  
  6. ijohn

    Latest Thai music conection on FB

    i found this Thai music page the other day on facebook, a good souce to get aquanted with the latest cd releases from the links they post, AeLoad is a good source for current music releases but one shouldd always support the artist when the can, i'm not assoiciated with AeLoad just thought I'd...
  7. I

    Recommended Thai Music

    I have always been a fan of Thai music especially lakorn OST but since my Thai skills is limit, I do not know a lot of good music and where to check the latest news! "Everyone, please recommend me some of the Songs/Singers/OST that you liked and think I should listen to. And it does not matter...
  8. I

    New Thai Pop Blog!

    A new Thai Pop blog has arisen, get the news on Thai Pop as it comes! Thai Music Blog
  9. C

    Payne Avenue Band-First Album IAB THIAB QAB ZIB

    Hi everyone! I just want to introduce Payne Avenue Band to everyone who haven't heard of them. They just released their first album this July at the Hmong Soccor Tournament in Saint Paul, MN last weekend. Check out their page please. Give them support and feedbacks. Thank You!   Payne Avenue -...
  10. ijohn

    The Voice Thailand Has anyone been watching this and has anyone thought about making subtitles? I've downloaded the first seven episodes from season 1, it would be much better if it had English subtitles as my Thai is very little at this time,
  11. lubsiab08

    Northeast Indians

    Bollywood brings me to discover the 7 states of India. India is such a diverse country, but I never knew that they have people w/ mongoloid features until a couple of years ago. I was shocked and fascinated. India northeast ppl culture and look are similar to southeast/east asian. Whenever I see...
  12. F

    CD+G for Karaoke

    Hello Is there Hmong songs that are CD+G or playable on Karaoke machine with lyrics?