Payne Avenue Band-First Album IAB THIAB QAB ZIB


sarNie Egg
Hi everyone! I just want to introduce Payne Avenue Band to everyone who haven't heard of them. They just released their first album this July at the Hmong Soccor Tournament in Saint Paul, MN last weekend. Check out their page please. Give them support and feedbacks. Thank You!

Payne Avenue - Iab Thiab Qab Zib Album MIX (OFFICIAL)
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sarNie Adult
they're not bad for a beginning band. I bought their album at J4 and took some pictures.  They had some really good songs, I'm not into pop/rock/r&b/etc music, I LOVE traditional music lol but I really like some of their songs, so according to me, they're not bad.  They seem to be a group of really enthusiastic, fun, funny, outgoing, really friendly young men; I'm excited to see more from them.
I heard that this past Friday, July 19, they were gonna play at C.H.A.T.'s open mic event.  I was gonna attend just to see them but I had other errands to run so I wasn't able to make it.  Anyone attend? Let me know how it went. 
Hope to hear more from them soon :))