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    [ONE31] Poo Paa Pee Kum: Smile Parada / Petch Boranin / Pangpond Akalavut

    Looks like another superhero drama. Petch is currently one of the leads in "Si Thep Poo Pitak", while Smile was Kang's leading lady in his superhero drama back in late 2018. According to this IG post, Pangpond and Ploypaiii (looks like a newbie) are...
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    ❤️[ONE31] Si Thep Poo Pitak: Tongtong Kitsakorn / Suzana Renaud / Kong Wittaya / Petch Boranin / Guy Ratchanont

    Saw this from a post in Pantip I also saw in Thai Wikipedia page of One31 that this might replace the currently-airing "Siang Euan Sateuan Dao". The title literally means "Earth Water Wind Fire". Could this be some superhero drama (as One31 tends to alternate that genre and country musical in...