pinky sawika

  1. minankumo

    [Ch8] Waen Tong Leung

    " The brass Ring" credit Ch8 @youtube   Trailer   Ep.1
  2. M

    Updates on Various Couples: Anne, Ken, Chakrit, Chompoo, etc.

    Translated Article from Sanook Anne Thongprasom and Ae Tinpan Went on a Romantic Trip to Japan Along with Friends Anne Thongprasom and her long time boyfriend traveled to the land of sushi with a gang of friends. We must admit that it is only once in awhile where we would have the opportunity...
  3. A

    Pee Saw(Ghost Girl)

    Toomtam as Techiet Ratchanichon or Tee(Brothers with Pitt)  Mo as Daopradup Khantharot or Dao(Bff's with Khem) Nadech as Phitchaya Ratchanichon or Pit(Tee's older brother) Yaya as Khemika Napatsorn or Khem(Bff's with Dao) Pitta as Darin Saowakorn or Rin("Mean Girl" at first) Hunz as Rashane or...
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    The ghost of the cursed Emerald

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    Pinky Sawika (GOSSIP STAR vol. 10 no. 413 May 2013)

    Credits: Magazinedee.