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    ❤️[CH7] Lhong Ngao Jun (?) : Thanwa Suriyajak / Sammy Cowell

    Ch7 going to remake this lakorn again. Thanwa is p'ek but for n'ke they have not yet decide who its going to be. This lakorn is going to stared fliming or fitting in December. Link to source:
  2. Maricon

    ❤ [CH7] Khun Noo Ruen Lek (Dara Video): Thanwa Suriyajak/Pupe Kessarin

    Credits to louis_daravdo
  3. Maricon

    [CH7] Dok Yah Nai Payu (Mummai): Thanwa Suriyajak/Sonya Singha Credits as tagged
  4. M

    [Ch7] Fire Series 1: Fai Ruk Game Rohn (Pordeecom)

    I been waiting for these two to pair up. Finally! From this thread...Sammy confirmed herself in IG and Thanwa also commented in her IG confirming he's the pra'ek.   Sammy and Stephany are playing sisters in this two series. Stephany part will be in part 2 as...
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    Sammy Cowell Refutes Being More Sexy to Grab Golf's Attention

    Translated Article from Sanook CR: Gossipstar for images Sammy Cowell Refutes Being More Sexy to Grab Golf's Attention Actress Sammy Cowell denies upping her sexy image to grab Golf Anuwat's attention after recent news revealed that he is talking to someone new by the name of Phet. Their status...
  6. Anonymous<3

    Celebrities Sing a Birthday Celebration Song for a Thai Royal

    Thanks to arasucre for the translation. The song is called "Jao Fah Kaung Kon Dern Din" and the bts video will be released on Nine Entertainment. In case I'm not able to post the video here, please feel free to post it if you happen to come across it or can find it on youtube! I want to watch...
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    [Ch7] Lilawaadee Plerng ( Prakotdarkradee)

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    Sammie Bunthita & Thanwa Suriyajak (FINALE MAGAZINE Vol. 7 July- September 2013)

    Credit to   After I discovered my new found love for Sammie and Thanwa, I got extremely excited when I found this photo-shoot of them together and wanted to share. I hope to see them star in their first lakorn together some time in the near future. Sammie is...