[Ch7] Fire Series 1: Fai Ruk Game Rohn (Pordeecom)


sarNie Adult
So happy that Sammy getting more project..Sammy has been posted the book in her IG yesterday
And Thanwa, I sure seeing him a lot with Sammy recently...Can't wait to see them
Still want to see Porshe and Sammy's reunion though


`my dragon's blood is blue`
Kkrystal said:
Sammie had major roles.  Like the lakorn with Es(Body Guard Sao) and Porshe (Pleng Ruk Pa peun Taek)
Well it explains all the news and pictures of Thanwa and Sammie.  They are promoting....
Oh yeah! Whoaa how I can I forget. >__< She gets a lakorn every other year or something I feel like those were so long ago.


sarNie OldFart
OMG! I knew her and Thanwa were going to pair up due to their recent closeness together. The production is PorDeeCom! Yay! One of my favorites so far from Ch.7. I cannot wait ^_^


sarNie Hatchling
When I first saw Sammy's IG post last night at around 1 am, I literally screamed! This whole time I thought this lakorn would go to Pan but I guess she choose to work with Polyplus over this one which I'm very happy about. Yay for new pairings and collaborations in such an awesome storyline! 


sarNie Hatchling
From what I remember, the Nang aek's mother is the secret mistress of Praek's dad and the Nang aek and Praek started dating each other early on in the story. Praek knew about his dad's relationship  but the Nang aek was unaware of it so when she found that the Praek was hiding that fact from her, they ended on bad terms. Nang aek's mom went crazy after her status was revealed, leading to the inexperienced Nang aek struggling to take over her mom's business that was about to go bankrupt. Years later on, the Nang aek takes revenge on the Praek after learning that he's getting engaged to his new girlfriend. The Praek in here is a doctor. 


sarNie OldFart
That's an unreasonable revenge^^^ I don't like the plot. Will her  knowing even make a difference? P'ek is not in the wrong, her mother is for sleeping with a married man.


sarNie OldFart
Based on the summary that Ch3eks gave, she was his secret mistress and she went crazy when her status was revealed because the first wife probably sent people after her or something. I'm assuming she knew.  


sarNie Oldmaid
Oh, okay. It was a little confusing. But the nang'ek didn't know though. The summary said that pra'ek knew about the relationship, but the nang'ek didn't, so maybe she felt resentful towards him for hiding it from her when IF he'd told her, she could've tried to prevent her mom from being involved with the pra'ek's dad and eventually going insane. But it's also her mom's fault for not telling her either.


sarNie OldFart
Mmmm...glad she has a new lakorn. ..storyline...eh...I'm not a fan of unreasonable revenge


sarNie Hatchling
love the story but they have make some changes to be more understandable for all , P'ek  not wrong if try to protect his family from scandal and care for his mother ,Nang aek's  is weakest and blend part in the story she can not do anything to stop her mom  and pay for sins she did not commit  but love to see her overcame her obstacles  and fight back , totally watch it 


The thing is, it is not called protecting his family from scandal if he tells n'ek, cause n'ek surely wouldn't tell anyone because it's her mother. Also apparently, n' ek is a part of his family too then if n'ek mom is sleeping with p'ek dad. He could've told n'ek if he knew all along so they both could've helped each other to prevent anything bad from happening. Also, the mom is not wrong for not telling n'ek, cause who would sleep with a married man or any man and go tell their daughter? N'ek taking revenge, I can understand even though it is unreasonable. If i went through the things she did, i would get revenge too. But still, revenge wouldn't have been needed if p'ek told n'ek when he knew about the parent's affair. But then if he would have told, the lakorn would've been different or there wouldn't even be a storyline. LOL.
Anyway, I'm tuning in for this one cause i like lakorn's where n'ek get's revenge. Would love to see how she does. :)


So she will have 2 drama lakorn this year.  One with New wongsakorn and this one with Thanwa.


sarNie Egg
That's not exactly how the storyline go. I did some homework so I'll list the facts.
1. N'ek and P'ek dated many years and almost got married before N'ek found out that P'ek's mom is responsible for her broken home. She broke up with P'ek immediately after knowing that fact.
2. P'ek knew all along of his mom's affair with N'ek's dad but kept it a secret from N'ek because he doesn't want to lose her since he loved her so much. He couldn't stop his mom's action either despite trying to make her stop.
3. N'ek's dad left N'ek's mom to be with P'ek's mom and also took the family money so he can live lavishly with his new wife. The reason P'ek's mom had an affair with N'ek's dad was for his money not just love. 
4. N'ek's mom committed suicide after her husband left her but luckily she didn't die. She didn't go crazy but she shut herself off to the whole world. She's like a dead person although she's still living.
5. Years later, N'ek found out that P'ek is getting engaged so she came back into his life to seek revenge. She felt betrayed by the person she once loved and trusted the most and thought that just like his mother P'ek was probably after her just for money too. 
Excited for this pair and very excited for this storyline. Can't wait for Sammy to take her revenge. 


sarNie Adult
I think the storyline is good..It has been 5 years since they broke up and suddenly he got married
Plus she still need to handle about her mom while the p'ek family still living happily, I think that why she takes the action!!
Anyway can't wait to see Sammy in this roles!!