wallace huo

  1. D~D

    Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin are Married !!!!!!!!!

    Meet Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Huo !!! Feels like I was just watching Chinese drama- "Romance in the Rain," and "At the Dolphin Bay," yesterday. They are all so grown !!! Who ever thought that in the end these 2 good friends end up marring each other.
  2. fun

    [Mainland] The Journey of Flower Hua Qiangu

    Okay first watch in Chinese then watch the English dub version. I couldn't stop laughing OMG I am not sure if it's an official English dub but I do hope when this airs, an English dub of this will get release. It would be amusing to listen to the English dub.  ...
  3. fun

    [Mainland] Perfect Couple

    Another adaption from one of Tong Hua's novel.    Title: Perfect Couple Pin Yin: Jin Yu Liang Yuan Genre: Period Drama, Romance, Comedy Episode: 38 Broadcast: 2014   Synopsis   Set during the early years of the Ming Dynasty, the only son of an aristocratic imperial family, Jin Yuan Bao (Wallace...
  4. p. Zoua

    [Mainland] Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei (Shenzhen TV)

      Pictures by T-Sina.net CREDITS:: WIKI-D addicts Title: 怪侠一枝梅 / Guai Xia Yi Zhi Mei Also known as: The Vigilantes In Masks / Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei Genre: Wuxia, adventure Episodes: 30 Broadcast network: Shenzhen TV / Southeast TV Broadcast period: 2011-Jan-01 start (Shenzhen TV) Opening...
  5. p. Zoua

    [Mainland] Swordsman (CCTV)

    CREDITS: AncientChinese.net Forum & Wiki!!!! link: http://www.ancientch...php?topic=432.0 Title: 笑傲江湖 / Xiao Ao Jiang Hu English title: Swordsman Also known as: State of Divinity / The Smiling, Proud Wanderer Genre: Wuxia Episodes: TBA Broadcast network: TBA Broadcast period: TBA Synopsis...
  6. mRs.BiE

    [Mainland] Chinese Paladin 3

    http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Chinese_Paladin ICAN'T BELIEVE THAT THEIR COMING OUT WITH SEASON 3!! to those who are confused... Chinese Paladin is a drama series that is based on a game... i think there are 3 "sequel" to the game and the crew decideds to do the 3rd instead of the 2nd sequell... so...