♥ mainhiathao's artworks ♥ 6/12/12


sarNie Granny
Hey everyone and welcome to mainhiathao's artwork page.
These are just some of my old/new and current artworks I've created.
They're all just simple work; and btw I'm also just a beginner like some of you. ^_^
Hopefully one day I'll gain more skills and become experts like you guys. :D
Hope you all enjoy it!
*Please credit to me if you take any of my artworks*
♥♥♥ Thanks for visiting my page. ♥♥♥​


sarNie Adult
Can't wait to see more of your artworks!
from what i've seen,you're already EXPERT enough!
lol.i love your artworks,they're creative.


sarNie Granny
These are some artworks I've made way back then.

* I'm a fan of Wiew one of my favorite thai actress from Ch. 5. :wub:

* Pueng another of my favorite thai actress from Ch. 5. :)

Maybe some days i'll turn some of these artworks into real fanfic.

* Random artworks i made *



sarNie Granny
WOW you just keep getting better and better. i know for a fact that you already better than me. Jealous.
love your artwork, can't wait to see more of your artwork <3
great job on blending and coloring and everything!


sarNie Adult
They're all so nice!very creative.
makes me want to read surrender to love.
lol.U-KISS ones are SUPER cute!


sarNie Adult
wOW tHosE r gOod..
i lOve hOw yOU bLenD aLL pIctUreS...
u R rEaLLI cReatIve...
i loVe The CarToON VeRSion Of U-kISS..
i mAy hAve 2 aSK yOU tO maKe mE sOMe baNNeRs iN tHE fUtUrE..
hOpE u dOn'T mINd...


sarNie Hatchling
you...made... a lot.... wow..... i like them.... thanks for making... me some banners too :D .... anyways...i like to see more...of your artworks.....