❤️[CH3] Karat Ruk (Good Feeling): James Jirayu / Anne Thong / Sam Yuranunt


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Lol! James eating while having his photos taken xD
Anne and her many poses... She is gorgeous!
The kid is adorable! He reminds me of the boy in A.I.


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I think Dom Hetrakul plays as Carat’s ex-husband not husband unless the story is about her committing adultery with a college intern.


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I think Dom Hetrakul plays as Carat’s ex-husband not husband unless the story is about her committing adultery with a college intern.
Yes he will be Anne’s ex husband. I believe he mentioned they divorce due to her having a new job and she was becoming successful which he was happy about?


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from @wanda4jamesji IG

Title : Carat Rak ( Carat’s Love )

Main characters ;

Anne Thongprason plays “ Carat “ A mother of 5 years old boy.

James Jirayu plays “ Ai “ : An intern and majoring in architecture.

Sam Yuranunt plays “ Mark “ : CEO and a widow with 15 years old son.

Dom Hetrakul plays “ Chakrit “ (Carat’s husband) :

Pear Pitchapa plays “ Venice “ : An architect and a HISO.

May Nisachon plays “ Nita “ : A woman with ambitious.

so Carat/Karat
is the name of anne character

it does not look like a romantic comedy to me

Thanks so much.


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The pairing/actors/casting makes sense because it fits the storyline with an age gap in the characters. Now if it was Anne, an older actress trying to play a younger character then that wouldn’t make any sense.
Anne is a great actress and James has gotten better (I don’t hear him taking breaths as often anymore when he talks ). So I’ll pretty excited to see how this turns out. I’m glad there are more storylines of older women falling in love with younger men. Can we normalize that please? Both in real life and lakorns we see that it’s normal for way older men to be with younger girls but people cringe so much when it’s an older woman with a younger guy. Hell, I’m 30 years old, and if my 30 year old guy friends can marry wives who are 10 years younger than them, why can’t my husband be younger than me? ‍♀


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^^ She’s a hard working women. I don’t know how she can starr in a lakorn and produce one at the same time. Bravo to her!


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very true. I can’t recall anyone of her costar who wasn’t comfortable around her. Young or older. They all seem to get along with her
I agree. She always seem like the type of person that is able to make people comfortable.


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Hi! My first post on this site :)

I am actually looking forward to this lakorn! I’m not worried at all, I think Anne and James will have good chemistry... has anyone watched the k-drama ”Secret Love Affair”? The Female lead in that one is 40 years old and the male lead is 20. She is married and starts an Affair with him. Their chemistry is on FIRE despite the huge age gap!! If they can manage to create great chemistry , then so can Anne and James. And Secret Love Affair is more controversional than Karat Ruk because as I mentioned, the female lead is married while having a passionate romance with a much younger guy. At least in Karat Ruk, the female lead is divorced.

I look forward to this lakorn ,because we get to see how thai society is harsh towards older women dating younger men..sad but its realistic as I’m sure its still taboo for women to date younger men in Thailand (and ofc in many other countries as well). I always enjoy watching dramas that goes against what is not concidered ”normal” in the society. People should stop looking down on age gap relationships Where the Woman is older ..I mean , its totally fine if the man is much older but when its the opposite its a huge No No! I don’t like that. I am glad lakorns starting to create more unique stories,to challenge the rather conservative society :) (yes yes , I know Thailand is not conservative when it comes to some stuff but when it comes to older women/ younger men its still kinda taboo i think ?) I believe this will be one of the first lakorns to have a much older Female lead dating a much younger male lead Where she is also the more experienced/ more succesful one. :D can’t wait for their forbidden love story :D
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