❤️[CH3] Mae Krua Kon Mai (Step Power 3): Namfah Thunyaphat/August Vachiravit


sarNie OldFart
Lol @ the kisses are child play
and yes, the fact that it looks awkward and soft makes it more intimate. It feels like l' m a peeking Tom watching them learning to kiss 555

I think August gained a lot of fans since Krong Kam. His story arc was interesting and he did good too. I definitely want to watch that kind of character become the main story in the lakorn.

From what I see the Channel will promote you if you have
1 a lot of fans base to make some noise
2 some connections with the producers
3 luck to play in a hit lakorn

Toey and Nychaa went back and forth between N'ek and supporting, specially Toey. But over the years they got a lot of fans, so now they are the full time N'ek.
I feel like if Mint C didn't have a big fans base, the ch would demote her to supporting. Just look at the lakorns she got. I watched all of her lakorns except the last one with Alek. I can't bear to watch it, it looked so bad. I barely finished the one with Mai and the one with JMa. But I did like the one with Toey.
Bella got lucky. She went to audition for the role for the Suppaborot series. She got a lot of fans ( me include). If she didn't get the role, I think Bella would still play the N'ek also, but at the same range of Preem, Yam, Namtarn...not the big N'ek like she is today ( and BPS shots her up to another level ).

So I hope that the Ch3 gives Namfah interesting lakorns, so she can attract more fans and build her connections.

Now that the lakorn is finished, I feel so empty.
Don't know yet what to watch next
Mint C isn't given priority. She's just there at the channel and they give her like 1 per year just to say they didn't forget about her. Things aren't going to change as she seemed to be ok with it due to her having other side businesses. I feel, at this point she's acting because it's something she has been doing for a while but it's not as important nor does she cares about where it takes her. She has the fan base to be known and that might be good enough.

August's fans is growing and continues to. He's charming on screen. Namfah is still supporting so if August gets another pra'ek role then he'll be more promoted. It's also based on luck. Some has been acting for so long but only gets ok roles. Then some gets one hit lakorn and that settles them nicely with the channel. Luck play a bigger part than talent. Luck is when you are at the right place at the right time. Namfah has such a presence on screen. How she made Faidam as an individual is a talent. I never even think of Dao when I see faidam.


sarNie OldFart
That's really not a kiss that's just teasing lol. He tried to kiss but she pretty much stood there with her mouth sometimes open. But it was sweet though. Namfah was still shy.
Haha, it’s baby kisses. I was expecting a hug and forehead kisses with these two. The kisses was a bit awkward but cute.


sarNie OldFart
Ah, just finished the last episodes. There were a few emotional scenes with p’ek mom and Faidam that got me choke up little.


sarNie Egg
I really enjoyed this lakorn. Like many of you mentioned, it was really light hearted and funny. I liked both August and Namfah and I of course hope to see them reunite again. I don't mind sooner than later haha. I also loved the ending. I figured it was an extra they added on, and I'm glad. If it was left ending at the wedding scene, I wouldn't have felt the extra giddy and excitement that came with their new ending. I loved how in the end, they showed the cheeky side of Param. August has a cute smile and gaze. I first saw him in Krong Kam, but didn't expect him to get a lead role so soon. Well done to both of them. Oh, and their kiss scenes are cute I think it's much more enjoyable than a full on pash. And it appeals to the younger audience and old, like me haha.


sarNie Egg
BTW, was the first kissing scene on the bed short? I came across a augustnamfah fanclub on it and the kissing scene they showed seemed a bit longer. It was cute.