❤️[Ch3] Mia Archeep(Step Onward): Mai Warit / Prang Kannarun


sarNie Egg
Halfway through this I'm rooting for Khun Nam even though I know it's a sinking ship so I was only just watching clips.. then khun nam stepped up so I thought he had a good chance which made me watch it in full again. But you know what I think I should just save myself a heartbreak and not watch the last ep. And maybe find myself my own khun nam


sarNie Juvenile
I hate how short the episodes are. Now it’s just dragging. I’m guessing they extended to next week? Really thought it was going to end today. ‍


sarNie Hatchling
We only have 1 more ep left, right? But we still havent seen the wedding and how Dao will regain Dit's trust and the issue with Robert's company....huhuhu i hope they wont rush it


sarNie Hatchling
My final thoughts throughout this drama:
<spoiler>I got to admit that the beginning had potential, however, it was getting slow and repetitive the middle because of the love triangle. Mainly because Dit being insanely jealous or Anne going hysterical (oof I got so scared that she'll suicide because of Dit not loving her back. I'm glad that she's safe but still heartbroken :( )
and there haven't been interesting points + rushed ending.

I have to give 3 shoutouts to MVP character in this drama which are Tate, the Chef, and Manni

Tate- In the beginning, he was in a bad influence because of Anne and plotting together to get Dit to like Anne instead of Dao. However, he has the best character development because even though he is loyal to Anne he told Dit off that his actions were misleading and gave Anne false hope that Dit might like Anne, but it never happens. Thank gosh for Tate for telling him off (YAS knock some sense of him). Too bad that Dit and Anne's friendship became too toxic, but I appreciate that they need to distance themselves. Tate is such a loyal friend because thought that Anne suicide and he basically cried, but thank gosh it didn't happen. I love their friendship, it's so pure.

Chef-He is the best brother ever to Nam. I think I am the only one who doesn't ship him with Dit's sister because she slapped him and was pretty spoiled/bitchy to everyone lmao. I don't see why he is interested in her. Oh well, it's his choice. I love his conversations with Nam because he comforts him every time that Nam get dejected by Dao. Plus the fact he is the younger brother giving advice to his older brother I mean honestly if the Chef and Nam weren't brothers, I would've shipped them lol (I was hoping that he is paired up with Mannie tho :( ) Overall, he deserves so much better. I hope to see him in future dramas.

Mannie- Another pure friendship between her and Dao. I love how their friendship is chill and mature like there's no jealously involved. She is super supportive and even agreed with the viewers that Dao should have been with Nam lmao. I wish there's more to her story despite being a supporting character. It would be really great to see how she ended up becoming Robert's secretary or maybe a plot twist like she used to be a Professional Wife like Dao was, but was demoted. Even tho she didn't paired up with anyone, it's understandable not every character in drama needs to have a romantic pairing.

I wish the plot focused more on the company because it's still a mystery. I would like to get Robert's backstory on how the company was formed and what was his intentions. Like Professional Wife could be related to his wife (lmao if he's even married). He seems like a weak villain to me and having a gun in hand seems random and cliche like other villains. I get that he's smart but I'm not convinced. Also, Dao isn't the only professional wife in the company, I'm pretty sure there were other women from that company (I remember some daughter who was one talking to Dit's aunt was phone calling Robert). It would be super interesting to see the inside of the building perhaps the training center to be a professional wife instead of showing Robert's office in the entire drama.

Honestly, I have so much expectation in this drama. Again, showing love triangle/love square defeats the purpose of the plotline. There were so many plotholes. At least I enjoy (sightly) the wedding scene (was hoping Dao will give birth at the end tho :( ). I knew that Dao chose Dit!


sarNie OldFart
Just finished this. Wish it wasn’t a rush towards the end. It’s sad that Dit never got to know Dao’s father.


sarNie Hatchling
Just finished this. Wish it wasn’t a rush towards the end. It’s sad that Dit never got to know Dao’s father.
I dont feel happy watching the 2nd half of the series too. I really love their chemistry but its not enough for me to watch the series without skipping some parts. It started off really cool. Tbh, it looks perfect to me, but im not sure what happened near the end. Not all issues were explained before they were even resolved. Even Dit's anger management problem was not addressed before they got back together.

I just hope that Prang and Mai will have another couple project in the future with better storyline.