❤️[CH3] Oak Giab Hak Ab Rak Khun Samee (Thong Entertainment): Mew Nittha/ Mark Prin


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Hey! Finally giving in and going to give this one a shot. Does anyone know where I can watch it with English subs? Thanks so much in advanced!


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Hey! Finally giving in and going to give this one a shot. Does anyone know where I can watch it with English subs? Thanks so much in advanced!
Dramacool has them english subbed but a lot of pop-ups
Hey! Finally giving in and going to give this one a shot. Does anyone know where I can watch it with English subs? Thanks so much in advanced!
Dramacool has them english subbed but the site has a lot of pop-ups


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Hi @Lakorn world ~~ Excuse the extreme delay and late reply. I didn't see the notification from you until today, and I'm not logged in a lot these days, but to answer your questions, here's what I think.

1.When both were loving each other why muey wanted to divorce??
2.Why muey was avoiding thien when he came back to her?
3.Thien told that muey had his attention in school and also he knew that she was his mentee but why didn't started to love her since then?

1. Even though Tian did take a bullet for Muey, she felt that he didn't know her at all. When she asked him to answer the questions like, "what's my favorite color, what food I like? What's my bday?" She wanted to know the answers to the simple things in life, but he couldn't even answer and to her that means that he never knew her well enough to keep going with their marriage. And when he slept with her, she thought he only did it to get away from paying her the 1M baht. So, that's why she decided to leave him.

2. When Tian discovered her, she was mad. She was mad bc he left without telling her in person, without saying goodbye. She woke up to an empty letter and she was hurt and upset. So when he came looking for her, she was kind of done with him. (But this part is largely added by Anne, not part of the novel itself anymore.)

3. Yes, apparently they revealed that Tian had secretly admired her since their high school days. But again, Tian had jobs and was like a one night stand person so he didn't really pursue Moei lol she still looks like a kid, no boobs or butt for his taste. lol. So, he was seeking fun elsewhere until he ran into trouble with Yada. And even during their marriage, Tian was never serious with Muey. He married to get away from Yada and eventually to divorce Muey again. But then, during their marriage journey, he started getting more and more crazy for Muey. Lol. ahahahhahaha.

In the novel, Muey confessed her feelings and true love for Tian during the night of his drunk. She revealed everything (like how she has liked him since day 1. Was always amazed by his intelligence even when he was rude. Haha. And now she knows that he'll never love her, and so she's going to leave him) and finally left him for good, that's why he woke up the next day crying and chasing after her after he couldn't see her anywhere. That in the novel is the biggest turning point. And Tian finally changed himself and started to realize how precious Muey is.....even though he still doesn't tell her he loves her yet.

Okay, hope these helped answer your questions. Maybe @montha91 could help a little more. Lol :p
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What award id this? It must not be very big cause there's no show...or is it because of covid? But yes! Mark and mew will win for sure!


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didn't know Anne acted as a body double for Mew Nittha for the underwater scene -



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I just can't seem to love this drama. I'm up to episode 13 and wondering why it's not finished yet? I just want to get to the end because I'm so close I want to finish it. I feel this story had so much potential but it really didn't keep me interested. Thien went from showing no interest in Moey, to wanting to consummate their marriage so she couldn't leave? And Moey who always thought Thien had no interest in her, wanted to make Thien fall for her, but then decides she wants to leave him? And now these last few episodes are really sad and depressing, I am struggling to finish it. Now, everyone is crying and being very serious about Thien and Moey and their relationship.


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I actually loved this drama, so far she's my favorite pairing with Mark. This drama actually made me like him again, the last time I fully watched a lakorn with Mark was KC and even then I didn’t like him as much. I always really like Mew and her acting but honestly I didn’t expect anything much from Mark. This is the best drama that I’ve seen him in and his acting was great. He had improved with his crying but still not that great, however its still a big improvement for Mark.

For Mew, I’ve never seen her play a character like this, usually she plays a super mature, nice and reserved n’ek so I thought maybe she would play Muey very exaggerated to the point where it was annoying or fake but she actually made Muey very adorable and loveable, I was actually missing goofy Muey towards the end. Anyways she’s great as always.


I didn’t mind the whole Tian chasing Muey deal. Although he did show that he loved her while they were in Myanmar I think for Muey, she deserved to be chased! After all she did for him, I don’t think he deserved to just get everything his way when and where he wanted. For example the whole wedding thing he hadn’t even asked her and just decided he wanted it so he’ll do it.

Their separation and him trying to win her over made him learn about her and how to take care of her. It showed he truly loves and cares for her.

Before, I felt that although he loves her, he was somewhat kind of possessive, example, not letting her leave the tent or sleeping at her friend’s cause he was afraid of her leaving, not letting her study abroad because he wanted her by him. I get it, p’ek just really like n’ek but when he was covering her from the other workers because they were looking, I just think it was a bit much for her or for anyone to be honest. Also he would take her phone when he wanted to or would block her internet without her consent. I think because he kept doing these things, it made it hard for her to believe he actually loved her back. She did everything to prove she loved him but he hadn't done the same.

He still wanted his way only and not understanding n’eks space or listening to what she had to say but while he was trying to get her back, he showed he cared for her fully without needing anything in return and that he was willing to give her anything no matter how big or how small. He put her feelings and needs first. He proved that he did love her. Tian actually grew up a lot from this and I think it was what Muey needed.

I thought it was out of character for Muey to hide her pregnancy from P’Tian, it was too cruel and I just don’t think she could be that mean to Tian and his mom. In a way I wish she wasn’t pregnant and instead just went to study like she had planned then came back and lived at the house by the river. I just can’t believe that Muey would actually not want Tian to see his kids and Aunt Sachi to not see her long awaited grandkids. I know she was mad at him but I didn't understand why she would be THAT mad.

I would’ve loved for him to come find her after she came back then they make the kids. Honestly, they wouldn’t have to change much besides do some time skips. He could’ve been learn about Muey and everything could’ve went from there.

The last episode, it was soooo sad and good, tbh I thought it was perfect for the leads, him giving his kidney up to save her life. I was so sad when she actually thought about just giving up and asking Tian to take care of their kids. I really don’t have any complaints about the direction they took, tbh I rather have them go through things together, seeing how much they love each other and the things they do for each other than if they took a different route and Poldej was still after them and dealing with the whole Yada/ Thada problem. I think I would’ve been too bored but because it was mainly all Tian and Muey, it made really enjoyable. So much tears

I really liked that this drama focused on them and about Tian learning how it is to actually be in love and to trust someone with his love. Muey finally receiving the love she wanted and him finally seeing all that she did for him.

ANYWAYS, I’m just soooo glad the pra’nang was not as stubborn. I feel that with Anne’s production she usually makes them go head to head for awhile. We got Tian who wasn’t afraid to jump on his chance with N’ek, when he wanted to hold her or kiss her, he did it and we had n’ek who tried to be stubborn but gave in pretty quickly. I literally was scared Anne would have them fight all the way until the last 10 minutes of episode 15, having nightmares from Piang Chai Kon Nee. N’ek was bold and I love it, she took her chances and she always tried her best to understand Tian. P’ek was so cute as he became the clingy one with n’ek and their willing scenes were cute. I guess he really can’t resist her and neither could she. I loved the jealousy scenes when he saw her with Kob especially after he lost but she assured him that she was only interested in him, I rewatch that part multiple times.

This drama really had everything, I usually don’t like Rom Com but Mark and Mew was effortlessly funny, then towards the end of the lakorn, the shift changes and it becomes more mature and serious. This drama made me laugh and cry a whole bunch or times. Both of the leads chased each other, one didn’t have it easier than the other. There was so many cute scenes and yasss they had ANOTHER wedding, a much happier wedding. It was beautiful.

I think this drama could’ve been shorter too, they kind dragged Chett and Nott’s story but I really like both of them so I didn’t mind that much. However, I didn’t care for the two girls’ story. It could’ve been shorter but I’m guessing just for fillers?

Other than that, I just love Mark and Mew, I definitely think his chemistry with her is the best by far. I haven't enjoyed one lakorn from CH3 since Buppae but I would consider this lakorn one of my top 3. I don't think I'll forget Muey and Tian for awhile.
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I just wanted to let you guys know if you want to read or reread the book, it’s on Wattpad. Search my husband in law complete by Montato91 you will see a picture from lakorn of them kissing on their wedding. I’ve updated the story, so there are a lot of changes. Enjoy the book and stay safe! ;)
P.s I don’t know how long I’ll be keeping the story on Wattpad because I only translated it. I am not the original author. If anything, I will delete it. It wasn’t my intention to post it on Wattpad, someone else copied it from here and put it on there. I deleted the post that’s on here to prevent others from copying it and paste it elsewhere. Hopefully someone sees this last post on this long ass thread.
Definitely going to go read this, thanks a bunch!


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When Tian found out Muey was actually his mentee, did he fall for her again? I'm kinda confused with the ending when he said the girl with the mushroom hair made his heart fluttered, that day he found out she was Nateerin and it made him happy. He thought he forgot that feeling but he believed it never left.

Is he referring to the day where he found out Muey was actually his mentee all along? Or is he referring to the mushroom hair girl cause why would he think they were two different girls when they had the same hair and name?

Since he found out who Muey was, did his feelings come back?

Someone clarify
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Did someone know the song at the wedding scene at ep 15? Where tien and his friends are otw together at the wedding.