❤️[CH3] Payakorn Sorn Ruk (Thanud Lakorn): James Jirayu / Ice Preechaya


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So i guess i am moving on to here now that Game Sanaeha is over.

I saw Ice only in that movie I Fine Thank you Love You. She has a nice english accent. She is also cute there. I have full faith in Pa'Jaew no matter what. I think this will work, one way or another.

Although admittedly, i don't like the plot much. The n'ek is supposedly a fortune-teller of sorts and predicts that the p'ek (who is an actor) gets someone pregnant, which of course gives him bad rep, then there's a plot to kill her/them then she gets pregnant... What? Haha i hope this would be on the comedic side. James hasn't played a naughty funny guy since Ruk sud rit. After he has cried buckets in Game Sanaeha, i think a comedy would be a good break.


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omg ice looks a million times better here then in the other pictures of her and james! this simple makeup and curly hairstyle suits her way more than thick makeup. and wow james looks super hot! i wonder what role the little girl will play? and james is holding a gun in the last pic


Here for จิจิ


Here for จิจิ
they do look cute. Ice actually looks kind of pretty! i think its because she doesnt have super heavy makeup on. the previous event they took pictures at, ice looked really bad upclose so ill give my final thoughts once i see some upclose pics
Agree with you, she’s very pretty here.


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James didn't look too into it at the fitting. He looked so-so throughout the whole shooting. Ice looked more excited working with James. I hope they get more comfortable around one another soon, which I am sure they will eventually. James was more around that little girl. lol Pear and Ji are more comfortable with each other from GS so their chemistry would be more oozing compare to Ji and Ice P. as of current. I don't think I will tune in still even after seeing the fitting pictures. Ice looks nice. I guess I will just be here and there. lol


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I think Ice was chosen because she excels in comedy, and is grounded enough to make her roles likable. I thought she looked okay with James in the fitting pics, hopefully they become more comfortable and at ease with each other as they work more together.
wait this is comedy?