❤️[Ch3] Raeng Ngao 2 (Broadcast Thai) : Janie Tienphosuwan / Ken Phupoom


sarNie Egg
I can't wait for Raeng Ngao 2 !! I think it's interesting how Nong decided to make part 2 of the remade one.. it's a bit weird... but I'm looking forward to it.. I love Both leading actress and actor.. hopefully it's worth it. Raeng Ngao 2012 did not dissapoint me at all so hoping this one won't. can't wait to see how the story will unfold..


sarNie OldFart
Ken P was such a perfect Veekit of his own to me. I loved his Veekit, so gentle and so big hearted. :dance1:


sarNie Hatchling
this prove that we maybe see RG2  this year i hope so , saw this pic by chance 
correct my if i were wrong that janie said that they will start filming soon and talk about something face or meet  but idid not get it ,sorry 
ใครคิดถึง มุนินทร์กับวีกิจบ้าง
เจอกันเร็วๆนี้กับ "เเรงเงา 2" นะคะ ‏‎

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You.Me. +Lakorn= buddies
Both our VEEKIT AND MUNIN ( KEN AND JANIE) POSTED THIS ON THEIR IG A COUPLE MONTHS AGO LETTING US KNOW that REANG NGAO 2 IS COMING SOON! I'm literally like the happiess person! I love ken and janie together they have a hot sizzleing chemistry vibe!


Does anyone know if there will be RN 2 at all? I don't see it under Janie or Ken's AsianFuse page anymore? :confused12:


sarNie Juvenile
What is happening with this lakorn? There was big hype around it last year on IG, but I never hear news about RN 2 anymore.


sarNie Oldmaid
Recent news posted 12 January 2017

@ สำหรับใครที่รอติดตามผลงานสุดแซบของ เจนี่ เทียนโพธิ์สุวรรณ์ ในละคร "แรงเงา 2" กุมภาพันธ์นี้ เตรียมเปิดกล้องแล้วจ้า

I don't understand Thai sorry :( I just rely on Google translate...

Yes it's recently posted.


sarNie Oldmaid
Ugh. Part 2? Usually sequels don't usually do good. But NM2 proved me wrong. Well, except of them banning it. *sigh*
Raeng Ngao (2012) was, I agree, poorly written. It's just all... you know what I mean. But if Raeng Ngao 2 has a good plot I'll probably watch it.
I'd be laughing if it was their kid's generation story.
OMG forever bitter about NM2 :sad6:


sarNie Egg
From what I know . Ken P already come confirm its that he gonna play as a playboy RN2 . He already confirmed it last year or so but don't know anything else . Don't know if they change anything yet.


sarNie Juvenile
How come with the original with Ann and Ken there were no part 2. i don't know how it's gonna be. and it's weird too cus original didn't have part 2