❤️[CH7] Plerng Prissana (Firstclass Entertainment) : Om Akapan / Sammy Cowell


sarNie Egg
I'm definitely looking forward to this one! Thank you guys for all the news and other goodies :)


sarNie Oldmaid
Sammy acting looks good in the teaser. Om looks constipated


sarNie Oldmaid
Om has aged a bit and looks kinda slimmer here lol. He doesn't look terrible though. This lakorn isn’t bad. Clearly pek is like the villain lol. Can already tell nek’s sister is gonna get on my nerves and pretty sure the child is actually her sisters, not neks. Think she’ll get killed off though. I don’t think nek is really dumb, well I hope she won’t be lol. Overall, not a bad watch. Hope to see more scenes of the pranangs though.


sarNie OldFart
I'm waiting on more ep. I usually start a lakorn when it is at least 7 ep in or when it is completed

Also crappy streaming sites


sarNie Oldmaid
Same question, this thread is so quiet.

This will be Sammy's last lakorn for CH7 before going freelance.