❤️[Ch7] So Wayree (Ninobrothers): Kem Hussawee/Mookda Narinrak


sarNie Egg
Im looking forward to the characters’ undeniable sexual tension (atleast from until the part I know) Kem’s character legitly looks in love with Mook’s character while she’s trying to be bad but cant help but feel butterflies and flashback of their night tgt. Lol. And the kids! Uwuuu


sarNie Adult

so here is a behind the scenes

:risas3:it seems we’re gonna get some catfights
But I must say, the opposite would have surprised me, Channel 7 loves catfights and this drama is too spicy to do without it
Love it !:clap:


sarNie Juvenile
Hopefully, the raeng is balanced by the sultry heat. Something like Kluen Cheewit is all I'm hoping for.
Me too, it will be incredible if this reaches KC level. KC has the perfect balance of drama, sexual tension and spiciness. But one thing sticks throughout the lakorn is the pranang's irresistible love. It's our go-to love-hate drama and one of my all time favorites.
Hoping they keep everything in balance, which is very important for this kind of lakorns to succeed.


sarNie Hatchling
KC has the perfect balance of drama, sexual tension and spiciness.
one of my all time favorites.
The sexual tension was just so good! That's why I desperately want another drama with Mark and Yaya. They were just babies in Tawan Duerd so not much chemistry but they blew it off for KC. My first drama centered lakorn and it was the perfect introduction into the genre. I can and will always rave about it. It had a ton of heart, a perfect balance of anguish/hate/love, and have I mentioned the sexual tension?! Lols


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Side-track ... It seems that Weir’s next Lakorn will also be by Nino Brothers, not sure if it’s true. And someone I know bought the novel and said that there’s a lot of love and bed scenes in the novel.
The So Wayree novel? Omg Idk if my heart can take it


sarNie Juvenile
Just finished the first episode. It's been so long since a drama made my heart beat crazily like this. It's just too good! The pace is super fast I feel like after each commercial they flash forwarded to years later already haha. But I love it.
At first the acting seemed a bit unnatural but I guess it was very first scenes that they shot. The acting went more smoothly within the episode. Mookda is pretty good at crying and raeng scenes. I think this is her best acting till date. And she looks absolutely gorgeous!
About Kem, I always love to see actors' improvement, which is what he's shown me here. Not only his acting but also his appearance have developed so much. I only thought he's good at emotional scenes but he actually acted naturally in almost every scene. This pair showed me why they're the IT factors of Ch7 atm.
That bed scene in the beginning was insane. They shot it in a very artistic way, it felt real but not disturbing. I was almost screaming when they threw the condom away. Iconic
The managed to well introduce all of the main cast. Gookgik owned her role here, so talented. Boss is good at playing a jerk and Mint is our favorite nek's friend. The kids are very cute. I feel like things gonna progress faster after watching the preview haha.
A good start. The online rating was very high already. This reminded me of Kleun Cheewit and I can say that lakorn was pretty magical. I hope I can say the same thing at the end of this lakorn.


sarNie Hatchling
I have not watched the whole episode yet and definitely don’t understand but the bed scene was definitely wow and a breakthrough for mookda.

I am very surprised though at the ending scene. Didn’t expect that scene to be in ep 1 already.

And the trailer they showed included quite a lot of scenes which have been publicised eg the romantic dinner .. fast pace is true but it leaves me to wonder what else is there to watch :D


sarNie Adult
Haha, now two of me are in war : the one that can’t wait and wants to watch it raw and the one that wants to wait for subs
it seems Parin’s half-brother will be a spoiled dickhead
And Mint’s character seems like the best friend you could dream in the world :love:
What a beautiful punch !