❤️[GMM25/Netflix] The Underclass (GMM Studios): BNK48 members / Mond Tanutchai


sarNie Oldmaid
This airs on GMM25 starting July 5th, replacing "WHO ARE YOU" on its Sunday timeslot. This also premieres on Netflix on the same day.

11 members + 1 former member of BNK48 will be part of this series. Considered as leads here are Music BNK48, Mewnich BNK48 and Fond BNK48 (the latter 2 are both in "One Year 365"). GMMTV's Mond Tanutchai is also part of the cast.

The TV version runs for 48 minutes per episode (including recap, OBB, next gap trailer and next episode trailer), whereas the Netflix version will be 52-56 minutes long.