❤️[ONE31] Club Friday the Series 12 (Change2561): Various actors


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The currently-airing Club Friday installment starring Lee and Bua is the last for Season 11, and it ends on January 11th (supposed to be on the 4th, but GMM25 is airing a marathon of "Game Ruk Ao Keun" instead). Season 12 follows immediately after that.

There'll be an event announcing all the actors for the next season sometime soon, so I'll just update the thread when the actors are already announced.

Airing on GMM25

รักที่ไม่มีใครรู้ (Rak Tee Mai Mee Krai Roo) - 1/18/2020 to 2/8/2020
Starring: Art Phasut, Klun Chanon, Saiparn Apinnya, Baitoei Zupavit

บาปรัก (Baap Rak) - 2/15/2020 to 3/7/2020
Starring: Sam Yuranunt, Gift Sirinart, Jeab Pijittra, Oom Sakaojai

รักไซด์ไลน์์ (Rak Sideline) - 3/14/2020 to 4/4/2020
Starring: Peter Corp, Susira Angelina, Gwang The Face

รักนี้ไม่ได้มีแค่สองคน (Rak Nee Mai Daai Mee Kae Song Kon) - 7/25/2020 to 8/15/2020
Starring: Tu Nantida, Goy Arachaporn, New Chaiyapol

รักซับซ้อน (Rak Sap Son) - 8/22/2020 to 9/19/2020
Starring: Golf Anuwat, Pinky Savika, Iang Sittha, Joonior Kornrawich

จุดจบของส่วนเกิน (Jut Jop Kong Suan Gern) - 9/26/2020 to 10/17/2020
Starring: Bie KPN, Fah Yongwaree, Kratip Chawallakorn, Typhoon Kanokchat

รักในแรงแค้น (Rak Nai Raeng Kaen) - 10/24/2020 to 11/21/2020
Starring: Willie McIntosh, Khem Rujira, Sonia Couling

แม่เลี้ยง (Mae Liang) - 11/28/2020 to 12/19/2020
Starring: Ice Amena, Film Rattapoom, Kaew Apiradee, Pangpond Akalavut

Airing on One31

โลกใบที่สอง (Loak Bai Tee Song) - 01/08/2021 to 01/29/2021
Starring: Yui Chiranan, Smart Krissada, Indy Intad

เรื่องเศร้าของคนโสด (Rueang Sao Kong Kon Sot) - 02/05/2021 to 02/26/2021
Starring: Bee Namthip, Dome Pakorn

ความเจ็บปวดของมือที่สาม (Kwaam Jep Bpuat Kong Meu Tee Saam) - 03/05/2021 to 04/02/2021
Starring: Kate Thunthup, Rodmay Kaneungnij, Kelly Thanapat, Claudia Chakrabandhu

รักต้องแย่ง (Ruk Tong Yaeng) - 04/09/2021 to 04/30/2021
Starring: Punpun Sutatta, Son Yuke, Peak Pattarasaya
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sarNie Adult
I pretty much skipped the entire season. Think they're just going to keep banking on disturbing storylines.

There's another live relationship show that I really wish they do live adaptions like Club Friday, and give Club Friday a run for their money.


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Looks like Season 12 will be more on forbidden love. The title for this installment appears to suggest that Klun and Art are lovers, and so are Saiparn and Baitoei.


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OMG WHATTTTTT IF THAT'S THE CASE, the boys have a 50/50 chance of getting a happy ending. The girls will end tragically as always. PROVE ME WRONG, CLUB FRIDAY.

Still, please update with the press conference when it becomes available. :eek:


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Change2561 will have a ceremony today for the first 4 stories. They'll have 12 installments this season. Too bad I didn't see an IG post that tagged the actors listed, but Peter Corp is in one of the installments. I guess Change2561 will use this to headline actors who will be part of their upcoming dramas and/or GMM25's. (He is part of Ploy's drama in Amarin.)

Gift Sirinart will also be part of one of the installments. She is the younger version of Pock in PPTV's currently-airing drama.

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Are they still having a press conference?


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I've updated the first post for the casting of the first 4 installments. Looks like Sam's part will be aired after the first one, as per his IG post, but they haven't starting shooting yet.

I'm curious to see which installment(s) will Mr. Koo direct. He handled 4 last season.


sarNie Adult
The first one is airing this week and no press conference. Maybe they're keeping the storylines underwrap this time around?