❤️[One31] Ley Luang (The One Enterprise) : Cheer Thikumporn/ Pooklook Fonthip/ Jes Jespipat/ Ann Siriam/


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This lakorn is actually really good! I have been quiet reading since no ones been really watching but Pook and Jes’s chemistry is great. Many times I wanted to cry for how sweet Jes is to her. Cheer is doing a great job being conniving and “strawberry”. Bright is doing really well in his role too. Overall an amazing cast and the storyline is pretty decent. Yes there’s cheating but there’s a lot of backstory to making it big, corruption, and business networking. I really like the modern take on this!


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Anyone knows about eng subs?

Edit: looks like the eng subs are already on the videos uploaded to one31 YT channel. ;)
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God bless One31 for adding English subs to the first few episodes.

This is a very modern drama as expected and though there's cheating indeed, it's incidental and not the main focus of the plot. The ultimate core as it appears is deception and desire.

And glad to see this doing really well in the ratings. Jes and Pooklook do look good together, and Bright shines more in anti-hero roles. Cheer is really effective in pulling off her role here.


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This got a 3.5 rating during its finale last night, which was higher than the competing Channel 3 and 7 dramas.

Average rating throughout its run was 2.150, making this the 3rd highest-rating primetime (8PM or later) drama in One31 since 2020 - behind the soon-to-end "Wanthong" (currently with average rating of 3.114) and "Jao Mae Asorapit" (2.464).

Credits to @noomayadrama for the full ratings.

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Congrat to the cast. They all did wonderful in this drama.

I got to said Cheer did pretty good for her first time playing the villain. Somthing different. I hope this help her get to play more different role now.


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Okay I finished the lakorn and it was really good! It was very modern and had so much good directing and executing that I was able to follow everything and still feel like I didn’t know what was going to happen. The whole cast did an amazing job and Pook had chemistry with both Bright and Jes. When she cried for Bright at the ending episodes I wanted to cry. This lakorn teaches you that there’s a difference between letting go and letting people come back in your life. And also forgiving and giving people chances to do better for themselves. Then karma hits and it’s no ones control... I really liked how they didn’t let anyone get away that easy at the end when they let their lust and desire take over. Money really makes people greedy and brings out the worst in people. My favorite thing about the whole lakorn besides the ensemble is that the main leads did not have once a misunderstanding. I mean the last episodes when Pook took care of Bright Jes got a bit sad but I thought that was normal and it was resolved quickly. The main lead always communicated!! Like whaaat? That happens in a lakorn?? And they resolve things quicker than a second when one disagrees with the other. The moms were also really cute. They usually play bad moms or bad characters so it was a refreshing start to see them being strong but good haha. Cheer did amazing as the villain! I can’t believe she’s 10 years older than Bright haha they look the same age! Crazy how youthful celebrities can look still. The ending was cute and I enjoyed it overall! I would recommend. It’s hard getting started but it picks up the more you watch it :)


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Pook needs to lay off the orange lipstick. Lol

This drama was okay. I played it in the background while doing other stuff. The only highlight was Jes and Pook's chemistry; it was very cute. It's sort of funny how they clash behind the scenes a lot yet able to generate good chemistry. I thought it'd be boring with the whole Mr. Vitamin type of love but it was cute and refreshing versus unnecessary drama. I did enjoy the different genre in here and real life showcaswof common people struggling to follow their dreams and get taken advantage of by powerful and famous people. It's not a drama for everyone, definitely not the popular slap kiss type but it had its own uniqueness and moments.

Bright still needs a lot of work. I think it's his voice deliverance and constipated face that can't emote well yet.

I'm glad Pook is staying true to her aspirations, to participate in good quality dramas instead of trashy popular ones. Lol