❤[CH.Workpoint] 7 Wun Jorng Wen Season 2 (Talent 1 movie studio) : Toni Rakkaen/ Vj_ja/ Jason Young


sarNie Oldmaid
This is season 2 of the first season 1 staring Krit Chakrit back 2010.

Toni, Vj_ja and Jason are the main lead.

In each storyline Kan, Cheer, Lift and other actors and actresses are guest star in.

Here is the trailer: Airing next week Spet 25, 2017

Poster Cr to: Workpoint

They also film season 3 when they were filming season 2. In season 3 Toni, Cheer, and Kan are the main lead Vj_ja and Jason will not be in season 3.



sarNie OldFart
Damn, Jason look hot as a detective! This one looks scary and seem to have a good storyline.


sarNie Oldmaid
i'm confuse. So who's the main lead or couple if there is any. Awesome cast by the way.
I'm sorry to reply to you late.

This series dose not have any couples like all of the other lakorn that need to have p'ek and n'ke. This series is focus on solving mystery murder like if you watch "Law & Order, Criminal Minds" its like that, that the hold cast is the main point.