❤ [Ch3] Meuan Khon La Faak Fah (Maker J) : Andrew G / Matt P


Lakorn lover
Omg!!!! Really!!!. My heart wanna scream as loud as i can. Someone please slap me, is this a dream?!!!..:woot: :woot: yeah!! Dreams come true. My wishful thinking,my hope, my long dream Pair will be in this lakorn. Yes.. My wait is worth. :woot: :woot:
Matt has that matured looking and yes she'll be really2 compatible next to ken t. Even if it has to be one time it's okay, because ken getting more old. The important thing is my hope, my work, fan art,video collabs between ken t and Matt will not be just a waste... Khun Nok granted my wished... I'm so happy right now. I don't know what will I do because I'm so happy. Please ken.. Just accept it... :cry: :cry: khun Nok really want you. She heard my wished... :woot: :woot:


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Omg yes Ken T. Miss him. I like the Lakorn so hopefully they change things up a lil. Love the songs sung by Mam too. Excited Bc it's someone I really like.


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Wow this is exciting news. I really miss Ken in a good role. Him and Matt pairing up is definitely something to look forward to. Really hope it works out!


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I absolutely loved Matt acting in her lakorns last year especially KB (James and Matt makes me Giddy xD ) and the Bride Serie (Matt, Koy and Lek stole the show with their acting for me) one of best lakorn of 2015. Please pair her with KenT ! Want to see them act together :) !


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Ken and Matt will be the best! Please please please let it be confirm. xD Everything would be nice if they were to be in here. I really miss Ken!
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One of my fav from willy. And andrew has this good remake. I miss him since tang parn and ever since he did not get a good script lakorn. Lucky he not married I can fin him.


sarNie Juvenile
Yay this is a dream come true! I've always wanted Andrew n Matt to pair up. I actually wanted them to be in the sai roong remake but this will do. It's about time Andrew cam
e back to play a mean role. I'm glad Matt is starring with an a lister. Most praek nowadays aren't up to her level as far as acting.