❤[GMM25] Fai Sin Chua (Goodboy Entertainment): Yardthip Rachapal/Ying Rhatha/Fluke Krekpon/Bie KPN/Joss Wayar/Off Jumpol/Fah Yongwaree/Fon Sananthacha


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This looks like a remake of an old Thai drama with the same title.

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sarNie Oldmaid
Based on the synopsis, Yardthip and Fluke are a couple, and Ying is the 3rd party. Joss and Fah are the kids (though they're not blood siblings), and Off is the 3rd party to them.

Interesting to see how Off will fare in a serious drama outside GMMTV. He already did a drama with Channel 3 where Bomb played a gay ghost, but looks like that's more on the comic side.

Joss has a follow-up drama already. I just didn't expect that he'll be GMMTV's breakout actor for 2019.


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I'm soo sick of these cheating love...tri...square...

The reason noon & Joss is different is because of the noona romance....like club friday ppl will get sick of the constant cheating love pentagons.....there is soo many good story they can pick up on...


sarNie Oldmaid
I'm not sure if the story has changed or what, but based on what I'm seeing on IG it looks like there are 3 pairings here: Bie - Fah (who also have a Club Friday together), Joss - Fon, and Off - Ployphat

I've barely seen any IG photos with Fluke, Yardthip and Ying.

I've been seeing "Goodboy Entertainment" in some of the recent IG stories, so I presume this is the production company responsible for this drama. They're also behind Yardthip's "Raeng Tian".
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So this is a remake correct? I'm really digging Fah and Bie couple. Can anyone give me some insights. Lol how was the old 1?