1975 Hmoob Poob Teb Chaws


sarNie Egg
that shouldn't be the title of the movie. it has some 'remade' versions of the originals in this one and it looks to be well displayed. there's more to love and partnership than there is about strategist war-play in favor of fighting for a country. if I was one of them at the time, I would've cared less about fighting for laos or w/e, when at the end, all allied sides betrayed.


sarNie Hatchling
;_; I can never manage to watch anything related to the war and Hmong people... GOSH I get so emotional!! ;_; just watching this already got me all teary... ;_;


sarNie Hatchling
OMG! a very good movie.....i just bought at Sacramento New year and it is SOOO worth it. the acting is great and i love the sound track....would REALLY recommend to you guys that haven't buy it yet......


My uncle gave my parents a copy and they're watching it right now. It's a story that needs to be told but it's so sad. =(


the preview looks so interesting. I'm getting myself a copy next time i go visit my local hmong store. i hope they have it. too bad i just found this preview or else i would've bought it at fresno new year or sac new year. :(